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A nonprofit is considering Montgomery County as the site of a global pandemic center that would focus on prevention, research and response.

The Global Pandemic Prevention and Biodefense Center would serve as the “world’s epicenter” for pandemic prevention and biodefense ecosystem coordination.

County Council Member Hans Riemer proposed a $500,000 special appropriation to help fund the strategy phase of the project, which began in December. The appropriation was introduced at the council’s meeting on Tuesday.

Connected DMV, the nonprofit, focuses on initiatives with government, private industry academia and community partners. The nonprofit and other partners are leading the effort to craft plans for the center.


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Chris Smith

It is less than a month into 2021, but two main trends that started in 2020 look set to continue, and pose interesting questions for European entrepreneurs and investors.

First up, we have remote working. Forced upon us by the pandemic, technology has enabled those of us fortunate to be able to work with a laptop to carry on our business from anywhere in the world. As we sit in Lockdown 3.0 in the U.K., remote working continues to be the only option available for the next few months.


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Man working

Forward-thinking individuals have a number of things in common.

For one, they innovate—usually not once, but multiple times over. Steve Jobs wasn’t known for just one product. He was known for a handful. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk weren’t satisfied with one success story. They’ve engineered dozens. And while this might seem like “business as usual” for these types of individuals, the reality is, most people struggle to be innovative more than once.


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University research labs are playing a central role in the development of quantum technologies, such as quantum computers and quantum communication devices. Universities often approach quantum science from a number of angles. Some are good at theoretical approaches to quantum science. Some are strong at applied quantum science. Some focus on the educational and outreach of quantum physics.

Image: Research labs, like this one at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing, are the heart of the world’s growing quantum industry. -

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Illustration by Chris Dent for TIME

One evening in December, after a long day working from home, Jennifer Drouin, 30, headed out to buy groceries in central Amsterdam. Once inside, she noticed new price tags. The label by the zucchini said they cost a little more than normal: 6¢ extra per kilo for their carbon footprint, 5¢ for the toll the farming takes on the land, and 4¢ to fairly pay workers. “There are all these extra costs to our daily life that normally no one would pay for, or even be aware of,” she says.

Image: Illustration by Chris Dent for TIME -

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Women business

To kick things off with an understatement, the tech sector has a shortage of women. Initiatives in The Netherlands such as Girlsday and Female Tech Heroes aim to encourage girls and women to choose a study or career in tech.

Even Prince Constantijn is committed to increasing gender diversity in the workplace. In last week’s best-read article, he spoke to us about FundRight, a collective of 42 investors intent on increasing diversity in the tech sector.


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Op ed The shot heard round the world The polio vaccine relieved our terrified nation Chicago Tribune

The more things change, the more they stay very much the same. I wasn’t around for it, but I understand polio — a highly communicable virus with a long incubation period and symptoms that mimicked the flu — was once the most terrifying disease in the United States.

Image: Polio free Children from Trinity Lutheran, York Center and Westmore schools eat cookies in Lombard, Ill., on April 28, 1954, after receiving their polio vaccine shots. The children were part of a test trial of the Salk polio vaccine with the DuPage County Health Department. (Hardy Wieting, Chicago Tribune)

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Wikipedia - Joe Biden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — President Joe Biden has many connections to Philadelphia, one being his link to the University of Pennsylvania and launching the Cancer Moonshot project from there five years ago. That effort has led to many cancer breakthroughs.

The Cancer Moonshot project led to major federal funding for cancer, and now new treatments that are saving lives.

“My goal is we find absolute cures,” Biden said in 2016.

That was then-Vice President Biden at the University of Pennslyvania five years ago to kick off the Cancer Moonshot.

“It’s a source of pride that the ribbon was cut here at the Abramson Cancer Center at Penn and the person, the leader of that, is now the president of the United States,” said Abramson Cancer Center Director Dr. Robert Vonderheide.


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