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Woman wearing sport watch while exercise on thread 2021 09 02 04 03 48 utc

Joao Bocas, better known as 'The Wearable Expert', sees a future where smart garments are key to improving people's health through technology.

Smart clothes and accessories are becoming more common and we embrace them as part of our lives. Watches, bracelets, rings or shoes have become devices capable of tracking our activities. But this information is not just a curious fact, it can also be a means to monitor and improve people's health . Therefore, Joao Bocas , founder and CEO of Digital Salutem , better known as 'The Wearables Expert' , explained to us how to apply these technologies for well-being .


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Dortmund wins €1m European Capital of Innovation award Cities Today

The European Commission named Dortmund in Germany as this year’s European Capital of Innovation, netting the city €1 million (US$1.13 million) in prize money.

Runners-up were Dublin in Ireland and Malaga in Spain, which will receive €100,000 each, followed by Vilnius in Lithuania in third place. Vantaa in Finland won the European Rising Innovative City award worth €500,000.


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Steven Rees, head of Investments for the Middle East and North Africa at J.P. Morgan Private Bank.

Healthcare innovation has been rapid and is predicted to accelerate dramatically in the coming years.

As the industry moves from analogue to digital, “big data” in healthcare is set to explode. Advanced diagnostics will power the shift from treatment to prevention. Personalised medicine will lead to targeted therapies that are right for the individual.

Image: Steven Rees, head of Investments for the Middle East and North Africa at J.P. Morgan Private Bank.

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Set of cryptocurrencies 2021 08 26 17 52 35 utc

Cryptocurrency adoption has grown increased six-fold in the past couple of years since its inception. Crypto has become a lucrative option for investment, and several companies across the world are distributing pay checks in digital currencies. But digital currencies are not equally welcomed everywhere. Over the years, some cities in the world have turned out to be cryptocurrency hotspots. Governments of different countries react to digital currencies differently as they cannot surely be regulated and controlled.


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US venture capital valuation trends in seven charts PitchBook

The venture industry has continued to prove its resiliency in 2021—a year marked by outsized funds, numerous mega-deals and the soaring interest of multistage investors looking to back younger startups.

As a result, valuations of VC-backed companies are on the rise across most stages in the third quarter. Our latest US VC Valuations report takes a deep dive into startup valuations across the venture lifecycle through Q3 2021, including spotlights on sectors such as biotech, climate tech and enterprise tech.


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Digital marketing media 2021 08 30 08 31 40 utc

Because digital transformations change every process — from strategy to execution — and alter every function, they’re often challenging to pull off. CEOs have to be digitally literate and get personally involved if they wish to succeed. Yet, it seems that many companies don’t have the kind of CEOs, top management teams, and boards of directors they need to tackle digital transformations. Not only do CEOs have to be digitally literate, but they also need to play the pivotal role of the change agent. Digital transformation is about so much more than adopting new technologies and processes. At its core, it’s about overcoming inertia and resistance to changing the way people think and work. The CEO needs to lead from the front, inspire confidence in her vision, and rally the company to believe in what might appear to be a distant destination.


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Checking or checklist concept 2021 08 30 06 15 51 utc

Getting a meeting with a venture capitalist is notoriously difficult, but there is such a thing as being too fast to get connected. If you aren’t properly prepared, you can burn your one shot to make a great first impression.

From the moment you make it public that you are seeking investment, you turn over an hourglass of about six months. You should be able to get all the funding you want in that time, or investors will begin to worry about why you’ve taken so long. 


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Covid 19 2021 08 29 19 51 02 utc

The recent announcement by South African scientists of a new COVID-19 variant has sparked fears across the globe, leading to a market sell-off and heightened anxiety about a pandemic entering its second winter.

The variant, currently referred to as B.1.1.529, was discovered in Botswana and has already been reported in South Africa, Belgium, Hong Kong, and Israel.


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These days, if your startup does not have an Internet home base up and running, you are not ready for business or potential investors. Customers go there to check on the details of your offerings and verify that you are not a scam, investors look there to check out your management and sales approach, and suppliers expect to find contact information.


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The white house P6TLL3N

Today, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is launching The Time is Now: Advancing Equity in Science and Technology Ideation Challenge.

OSTP Director Eric Lander is asking the American public to share their insights on a central question, “How can we guarantee all Americans can fully participate in, and contribute to, science and technology?” The #OSTPTimeIsNow #SciEquityChallenge gives all people, from students and skilled technical workers, scientists, and industry innovators, to equity advocates, creatives, education leaders, and the people who value and use science and technology in their everyday lives, the opportunity to help answer this question by directly submitting their own thoughts, ideas, or examples of existing or promising actions that expand equity and inclusion.


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Entreprenuer showing project to investor 2021 08 27 23 33 14 utc

European healthtech VCs have never had a bigger warchest to deploy. The most recent example is the closing of Sofinnova Partners’ €472m healthtech-focused fund last month.

And that’s helped healthtech startups raise record rounds in 2021. London-based Exscientia raised nearly $1bn in multiple funding rounds this year and went public last month, Swedish telemedicine platform Kry raised $300m in April and synthetic DNA startup Touchlight raised $125m in September.


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Goes to the movies 2021 08 28 21 42 15 utc

Between documentaries and fiction films , there are many things you can learn about the path that entrepreneurs have traveled, from the comfort of your armchair. Regardless of whether you are starting your business or have been working in it for years, you can get powerful insights from these 18 provocative and highly entertaining films.


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