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Moore johnEnterprises often struggle with getting AI projects out of the corporate skunk works and into widespread use.

The objective, AI at scale, has become a rallying point for technologists in the data science field -- and a key theme among the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium's Innovation Showcase finalists. Many of the early-stage companies selected for the showcase pursue some variation on getting AI and machine learning into the mainstream. They'll be discussing their offerings at MIT Sloan's annual event, which runs May 22-23 in Cambridge, Mass.


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Neon ai on a keyboard 2021 09 02 06 04 58 utcBurnout has become an unfortunate everyday reality for healthcare professionals. It’s one that preceded the pandemic, but has also been exacerbated by the crisis. Sadly, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of clinicians being overwhelmed by their responsibilities since the outbreak began, and statistics reflect the extent of the problem.


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Mobility 2022 where isThe road to commercializing autonomous vehicle technology for people has split into two paths.

In one camp, AV developers like Argo AI, Aurora, Cruise, Motional, Waymo and Zoox are aiming straight for full autonomy — a system that can handle all driving within certain conditions and with no expectation for a human to take over. In other words, the passenger can fall asleep or play on their phone.


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Creative team working in office of start up busine 2021 08 26 16 12 46 utcStartups are a catalyst for economic growth both globally and locally. The value that startups create is nearly on par with the GDP of a G7 economy and the amount of startup funding in 2021 surpassed $600 billion, shattering funding records. The number of unicorns is well past the 1,000 mark and growing exponentially.

While growth for startups is core to their survival, it is equally important for them to develop responsibly. We asked the CEOs of Global Innovators and Technology Pioneers, the Forum's communities of high growth innovative startups, for their views on how they are helping to drive economic recovery while scaling up sustainably and responsibly.


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Data the cloud storage information concept 2021 08 27 00 00 16 utc  1In order for cybersecurity professionals to gain the knowledge they need to thwart the hackers constantly targeting their cloud infrastructure and applications, they need to think like General George S. Patton (or rather like George C. Scott, the actor who won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the general in the 1970 film Patton).


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Businessman drinking coffee 2022 02 02 04 49 00 utcThe risk of heart disease and stroke can be reduced by lowering your cholesterol levels. Many types of drinks, including coffee, have chemicals in them that can affect your levels.

Most studies on coffee and health show that drinking four cups or less per day is good for your overall health. However, drinking more than four cups has been linked to a higher risk of dying from heart disease.

Despite the fact that brewed coffee does not contain cholesterol, it does contain chemical components that can elevate cholesterol levels.

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Tachyum color transparent hua6619b8a035a5db5c7707af19280003f 16059 0x160 resize box 3The wait is finally over and the US-startup Tachyum has now launched its Prodigy universal processor which combines the functionality of a CPU, GPU and TPU in a single processor.

In order to develop its revolutionary new processor, the company first set out to conquer the processor performance plateau in nanometer-class chips and the systems they power.

In addition to being Tachyum’s first commercial product, the Prodigy Cloud/AI/HPC supercomputer processor chip offers four times the performance of the fastest Intel Xeon processor. However, it also has three times more raw performance than the Nvidia H100 on HPC as well as six times more raw performance on AI training and inference workloads.


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NSF enginesBy: Brian Darmody, Chief Strategy Officer, AURP: Building Communities of Innovation

May, 10,2022

Sometime this September, the US Economic and Development Agency (EDA) will announce its Phase 2 awardees for the $1 billion Build Back Better Regional Challenge award winners.

Thirty or so lucky jurisdictions from across the U.S will receive between $25M -$100 M in EDA funding, although actual funding levels will be smaller to support projects on a regional basis for an industry cluster. These programs will develop or scale regional economies and devote funding to workforce training and support equitable development, including science parks and accelerators.

Thirty other finalists though will not be winners though as EDA only has funds to support thirty awards, much less the hundreds of jurisdictions from across the U.S. that applied for the program. (Five hundred and twenty-nine applicants were received by the EDA.)

But as they say on late night TV: Wait, There’s More

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Cursor and The disruptive dozen technologies that will cure our deadliest diseases Innovators magazineCures for deadly brain cancer, sight loss and deafness are among the life changing solutions that could result from what are called the ‘disruptive dozen’ technologies.

Sitting down with senior Harvard faculty attached to Mass General Brigham, America’s leading biomedical research body and affiliate of Harvard Medical School, the question being discussed was: which scientific breakthroughs are on the cusp of transforming healthcare in the near future? The answers were then tested using a rigorous selection process developed by Mass before being distilled down to a dozen solutions.


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Close up photo of gauges and dashboard in ford car 2021 10 15 13 23 28 utcIf you’re waiting for a sign confirming electric vehicles have gone mainstream, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning ends the wait. The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle on the planet for over four decades, and when Ford opened the order banks for the all-electric Lightning version last year the automaker had to stop taking orders after 200,000 people signed up. So the electric vehicle revolution is no longer coming soon — it’s here.


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Investing stock market data on the screen 2021 08 29 07 39 32 utcThe Global Investor Conference (GIC) aims to tackle these tough questions and more next week in Portugal.

This year's Global Investor Conference offers investors and investment enthusiasts an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in private equity and venture investments. In addition, the conference lets clients and guests in on diverse perspectives that can nourish and strengthen their knowledge of global markets. This year's speakers are from Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific (APAC).


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2021 social media butterfly square logoRemember just because people don’t comment or like your social media posts doesn’t mean they aren’t noticing them or enjoying your content. It also doesn’t mean that your LinkedIn strategy isn’t working.

That’s because more than 90% of social media users don’t interact with content.


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