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BARDA Director of the DRIVe Catalyst Office, Justin Yang, Joins BioTalk to share how BARDA collaborates with the BioHealth Industry, partners with Incubators, and helps fund innovation.

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Cloud Computing - Laptop on Desk with Person Typing

The need for superior speed and agility continues to push companies toward cloud adoption. But while historic predictions anticipated that upwards of 16 percent of enterprise workloads would be in cloud—infrastructure as a service (IaaS)—by 2019, there is a clear lag in 2019’s actual figure, which is half as large, at less than 9 percent.1 For the most part, this delay in cloud adoption does not stem from a lack of ambition. Many company leaders have encountered major roadblocks along their path toward cloud or have gotten cold feet once they questioned its impact on costs, security, latency, and more.


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The gig economy has exploded over the past decade, with companies such as Uber, DoorDash, and Airbnb matching consumers with contract workers willing to provide them with transportation, home rentals, and other services. It’s given consumers more options and convenience, and upended the taxi, restaurant, and hotel industries, among others.

But the gig economy may have another effect as well: gig-work opportunities may help people make the leap to entrepreneurship and start their own businesses, according to research from Washington University’s John M. Barrios, Rice University’s Yael V. Hochberg, and Rice PhD candidate Hanyi Yi.


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Johnson Johnson Innovation Announces Launch of JLABS Shanghai in Collaboration with Shanghai

October 14, 2020 – Johnson & Johnson Innovation announced today at the virtual 2020 HLTH conference the awardees for the JLABS @ Washington, DC Children’s, Maternal Health, and Diversity in Innovation QuickFire Challenges, which respectively aimed to catalyze pediatric innovation, improve maternal health in the United States, and support diverse innovators. These challenges embody Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s commitment to catalyzing potential solutions to today’s greatest healthcare challenges.


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Startups provide leadership in the market. Entrepreneurs provide leadership to their startup. There are many styles of leadership, like dictatorial, laissez-faire, and democratic. One that I hear discussed more these days, in this age of relationships, is called “servant” leadership.

What is servant leadership? The servant leader serves the people they lead through mentoring, direct assistance, listening, and acting on their employees input. It’s the opposite of self-serving, domineering leadership, and makes those in charge think harder about how to respect, value and motivate people reporting to them.


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Sara Caroline Sabin

Have you heard that 80 percent of success is mindset? Listen to any top performer speak about their success, and the topic of mindset will usually arise in some form or another.

Can you achieve success without having a strong mindset? In my experience, the answer is yes. To a certain extent. But there will invariably be an invisible glass ceiling that you just can’t seem to get beyond. What that might look like varies from person to person. Maybe the successes that you do have will not bring you joy or satisfaction, but instead will create a sense of emptiness. Or you achieve what you set out to do, but at the cost of your mental health or your relationships. Or you act in a way contrary to your values.


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Chris Schembra

For those new to the job market, the landscape has never looked direr. Between the record levels of unemployment and the nationwide internship cancellations, even the most qualified 2020 graduates are having difficulty finding their paths forward. 

The young people graduating today are as capable and clever as ever. Still, many of them lack the resources necessary to get a leg up in their industry. For business leaders, it’s time to start thinking of ways that you can use your experience and seniority to help out those who need it. 


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european union flag

In recent years, Europe’s start-up ecosystem has seen a surge in the number of unicorns and the pace at which they are created. Of the 99 venture-capital-backed European unicorns, 14 were added in 2019 alone.1 These include Germany’s neobank N26, France’s healthcare scheduling service Doctolib, and Lithuania’s online used-clothing marketplace Vinted. Despite this accelerated activity, European start-ups still lag in achieving successful late-stage outcomes when compared with other start-up ecosystems.


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Students are given bus stickers after getting off the bus at Northeast Elementary School in Jackson on Tuesday morning, Aug. 25, 2020. Jackson Public Schools buses will soon begin delivering WiFi into neighborhoods where district families can't afford internet access.J. Scott Park |

JACKSON, MI - With around 35% of students unable to afford or have access to internet service, Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Beal knew he had to do something to help with remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, Wi-Fi service is on its way to those students via the district’s school bus fleet, allowing families free internet access to connect their devices to on days they aren’t participating in face-to-face school.

Image: Students are given bus stickers after getting off the bus at Northeast Elementary School in Jackson on Tuesday morning, Aug. 25, 2020. Jackson Public Schools buses will soon begin delivering WiFi into neighborhoods where district families can't afford internet access.J. Scott Park |

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Apublic-domain microphoneround the world, Hopkins has become a leader in communicating science to nonscientists during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bloomberg School of Public Health has been applauded for its viral Instagram graphics, and the Whiting School of Engineering’s COVID-19 dashboard continues to receive heavy traffic. In addition, the School of Medicine sponsors an annual “boot camp” to connect science writers with University researchers.


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