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An argument has been brewing on Capitol Hill and elsewhere that boils down to the theory that US taxpayers are fronting billions of dollars’ worth of public research that translates into early-stage products that are later sold to companies, go on to win FDA approval and then reap millions or billions in sales, although the government never sees a dime of those earnings.


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These days, my vote for the most misunderstood and misused management concept goes to “corporate purpose.” Back in 1973, the concept was crystal clear to Peter Drucker, who declared with admirable concision in Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices: “There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.” Since then, however, the definition of corporate purpose has mutated into pretty much any reason for being in business that isn’t explicitly connected to making money.


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Mapped The Salary Needed to Buy a Home in 50 U S Metro Areas

Over the last year, home prices have risen in 49 of the biggest 50 metro areas in the United States.

At the same time, mortgage rates have hit seven-year highs, making things more expensive for any prospective home buyer.

With this context in mind, today’s map comes from, and it shows the salary needed to buy a home in the 50 largest U.S. metro areas.


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Corinne Reichert

Qualcomm Technologies has announced the launch of a smart cities program, aimed at providing a central directory of smart cities solutions based on Qualcomm technology.

The Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program will be a one-stop shop for governments, municipalities, cities, and enterprises to choose their providers for technology, according to the tech giant.


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Our Global Talent Competitiveness Index explains the importance of cities in innovation.

If asked “What’s the most talent competitive city in the U.S.?” few Americans would name the top of our global list: Washington, D.C. (1). Often considered to be a (political) quagmire, the greater metropolitan area actually has a tremendous amount to offer. With an excellent environmental quality, major universities, an impressive number of physicians in the area and, of course, the presence of international global organisations, the greater Washington area provides a complete environment for talent competitiveness.


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To say ‘business ecosystem’ or ‘innovation ecosystem’ is to commit the teleological fallacy. That means assuming a purpose where there is no purpose.

Charles Darwin said species evolve to adapt to changing environments. Natural ecosystems – species and their environments – have no ‘purpose’; they just are.

Now, if you believe in a creator deity, you might hold that biological ecosystems do have a (divine) purpose. We’ll come back to this point.


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Sarah Schmid Stevenson News Articles and Opinions Xconomy

Michigan State University students now have an opportunity to dabble in the rollercoaster world of startup funding thanks to a new partnership between Red Cedar Ventures and the Broad College of Business Center for Venture Capital, Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance.

Launched this week, the Student Venture Capital Fund will invest up to $50,000 per year in early-stage companies led by MSU students and faculty, or housed at the university’s venture center. Finance students will take on due diligence responsibilities to get a taste of the industry’s risks and rewards.


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Ohio leaders in business tech and venture capital will advise new state innovation effort cleveland com

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some of Ohio’s most prominent names in business, tech and venture capital will advise Lt. Gov. Jon Husted’s new state government innovation initiative.

Husted’s office on Monday launched the website for InnovateOhio, the expansive but poorly understood new government department which Gov. Mike DeWine tapped Husted to run shortly after taking office in January. Prominently featured on the new site is a video in which Husted describes his vision for InnovateOhio, which aims to use technology to improve Ohioans’ lives and streamline government operations.

Image: Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, seen here in this file photo, is leading the new InnovateOhio state government initiative. (Tony Dejak, Associated Press)

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Salary negotiation is a pivotal step when you're interviewing for a new job. It’s your chance to get paid what you’re worth (or get closer to that figure), and could establish your financial trajectory at your new company for years to come.

According to a 2018 survey from Robert Half, only 39 percent of people polled said they'd asked for more money upon receiving their latest job offer. In other words, more than half of all new hires accepted whatever they were offered, with no attempt at negotiation.


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Wayne Winegarden

Even during times of strong job and economic growth, as we’re experiencing today, economists are looking for warning signs about future economic distress – after all, it is called the “dismal science”. The fact that entrepreneurship is declining in the United States, and has been for some time, is one disconcerting trend that, if not reversed, will lead to a less prosperous future.


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Rhode Island fell more in the latest national innovation ranking than every other state except Alabama. According to Bloomberg’s U.S. State Innovation Index, California and Massachusetts are ranked first and second respectively, but Rhode Island was in steep decline over the past three years.

Rhode Island is ranked 23rd in the 2019 ranking — far behind Connecticut which is ranked fourth.  Most concerning is that Rhode Island fell seven positions in the ranking from the 2016 Index — the last time Bloomberg released the Index for innovation.


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Dileep Rao

Along with the problem of rich parents buying their kids’ way into universities of their choice, do we also have a problem with business schools focusing on entrepreneurship education that is targeted to rich kids, rich schools, and venture capital?

What's common among Richard Schulze (Best Buy), Richard Burke (UnitedHealthcare), Glen Taylor (Taylor Corporation), Earl Bakken (Medtronic), and Bob Kierlin (Fastenal)? They are all Minnesotans (Burke moved from Georgia to Minnesota). They built unicorns from startup. They were not born rich. They saw entrepreneurship as opportunity, not risk.


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