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Johns Hopkins University of Maryland Betamore seek 5 health startups for new accelerator Baltimore Business Journal

We’re hearing more and more about precision medicine and how it can positively impact medicine. But what is preventing it from reaching its full potential, and how can everyone from hospitals to startups help scale it?

This question will be up for discussion at the MedCity CONVERGE conference in Philadelphia on July 11-12.

Prior to the event, Andrew Norden, chief medical officer of oncology-focused startup Cota and a panelist on the “How to Scale Precision Medicine” panel, discussed setbacks and opportunities for the field.


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Lorraine Mirabella

Facebook has selected Baltimore as one of the host cities for its Community Boost program, a free digital training program for small businesses, entrepreneurs and job seekers.

Community Boost, which Facebook announced last November, will take place Nov. 12 through Nov. 14 in a location in the city to be announced later. It will include a series of free seminars and workshops designed to help businesses develop digital skills and use Facebook more effectively as a marketing tool.


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There is nothing more fun in a team than tossing ideas around and landing on the big idea. For teams that are in the same office, whiteboard sessions or ad-hoc “back of the napkin” conversations are the forum for creativity. Because of the informality, they provide a way to work on something together without the expectation of it looking nice during the process. The generative part of any work is meant to be messy, changeable and fun – that’s how the magic happens! Case in point: Pixar, the gold standard in creativity, famously came up with the concepts for four of their greatest movies via napkin sketches over lunch.


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In the first week it rolled out its facial recognition tool, Marinus Analytics — a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff that has been creating software to mine the deep web for sex traffickers since 2014 — identified and rescued two victims.

Andreas Olligschlaeger, a research scientist at Marinus Analytics, said the Oakland company sits outside the tech mainstream because the company measures its success in how many children it can save. So far, there have been about 250 rescues in two years, he said.

Image: Darrell Sapp/Post-Gazette

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From cofounding Sirius Satellite Radio to launching a biotech company to find a cure for her daughter’s illness, Martine Rothblatt has had so much career success that any one of her accomplishments would be a crowning achievement for another entrepreneur. “I always try to convert a moonshot into an earthshot,” Rothblatt told hundreds at the Forbes Women’s Summit on Tuesday.

Image: Julia Ferrier for Forbes - United Therapeutics CEO Martine Rothblatt talks about pig cloning, lung transplants and electric helicopters at the Forbes Women’s Summit 

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Clyde Wayne Crews Jr.

If getting things done requires too many steps, there will be fewer entrepreneurs. That seems to be something of a consensus in the economics and social science literature regarding conceptual linkages between regulation and entrepreneurship.

This all has lessons for public policy. As the World Bank stated in its well-known and wide-ranging annual Doing Business survey,  “(Hernando) de Soto’s conjecture, which turned out to be right, was that measuring and reporting would create pressure for improvements in the efficiency of government.”


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This crazy looking robot is the chef at a new burger joint

Through a glass case in a new restaurant in San Francisco, I’m watching the chef make lunch. That chef is a Rube Goldberg-like machine, slicing buns, adding condiments, grilling meat, and spitting out a fully prepared hamburger–all without any human intervention. A row of brioche buns moves to the right, dropping one bun down a slot where a tiny saw slices it in half.

Image: Photo: Creator/Aubrie Pick

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A flurry of new manufacturing facilities has begun popping up across the U.S. In this environment of low unemployment, skills deficits and shifting corporate paradigms, this abundance is rife with challenge and potential. We spoke with several manufacturers in the thick of this building boom, both to learn of progress with their plans and to share best practices.


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business woman

Goldman Sachs will invest $500 million into companies led, founded or owned by women. The program will also help clients invest directly in private, late-stage companies or provide seed capital for women starting their own funds.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. The investment bank made a similar announcement when it launched its 10,000 Women Initiative. Goldman Sachs began the program in 2008 with an initial $100 million commitment to provide business and management education for women-owned small businesses in developing countries.


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There are two contemporary strategic imperatives, among others, that many executives are grappling with: (1) competing in emerging markets and (2) partnering with startups to gain exposure to novel ideas and opportunities. While each on its own is hard enough to accomplish, in concert these imperatives pose a formidable challenge — yet one that some Western corporations are taking on, notably in China and India.

Compounding the challenge is the reality that while often taken in the same breath, China and India are in fact a study in contrasts. Failing to take into account China-India differences can lead to inappropriate uniformity in the startup partnering strategies across these emerging markets. A more nuanced approach is needed when partnering with startups in those two important emerging markets (and entrepreneurial ecosystems).


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Rakesh Gupta

By its very nature, Entrepreneurship is a game of chance. An individual places tremendous faith in a product or idea and starts on uncharted waters by investing his personal wealth, eventually supported by people who see mettle in the idea. The Entrepreneur then develops the idea further and hopes, in equal measure successfully or unsuccessfully, to make the product into a complete success.


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Many of the entrepreneurs and new business owners I advise have a primary vision of becoming millionaires or greater, per the model of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and many others. They don’t realize that achieving this dream involves far more than having a great idea and making it happen. In fact, much of the success will have nothing to do with money.


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