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CEO Pascal Soriot knows what’s at stake for AstraZeneca’s business. It is whether China, now the British drugmaker’s second-largest market, can sustain double-digit growth—and some investments that support the Chinese government’s goals are necessary.

In a slew of news coming out of Shanghai on Wednesday, AstraZeneca is teaming up with investment shop China International Capital Corporation to launch a $1 billion fund focused on healthcare, upgrading its Shanghai R&D operations to a global center, establishing a new artificial intelligence innovation center, and partnering up with Sun Pharma to market some oncology drugs in China.


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Success in any business these days requires a constant flow of new and innovative solutions, to keep up with changes in the market, competition, and to attract new customers. Yet in my role as a small business advisor, I still see a singular focus on achieving repeatable processes and “cookie-cutter” manufacturing. I don’t believe these two objectives have to be mutually exclusive.


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Sanket Parekh

Being an entrepreneur and starting a company is not for everyone. Hence, nine out of ten start-ups fail.

Of course, bringing your unique vision and innovative idea to life while being your own boss would sound appealing to most. But, as most successful start-up founders can attest, it’s a long road filled with failures and challenges ranging from human capital to raising capital.


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Chris Porteous

For years, experts and business leaders have debated what makes a good entrepreneur more successful than his or her peers. More recently, the conversation has often focused on the educational attainment of the entrepreneur in question, with many arguing rather persuasively that an MBA is necessary if you want to strike out on your own and start a thriving small business that could one day evolve into an international corporate empire.


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migrating birds

Across an entire desert or ocean, migratory birds make some of the most extreme journeys found in nature, but there are still huge gaps in our understanding of how they manage to travel these vast distances and what a changing climate means for their migration patterns. ‘Some species of migrants might be affected by a changing climate,’ said Professor Stuart Bearhop, an animal ecology expert from the University of Exeter in the UK.


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Close scrutiny of VC deal terms in India reveals a nuanced pattern of objectivity and discrimination.

No matter how rational we may claim or want to be, no human being is entirely free of bias. The challenge is to be aware of one’s own bias – or, failing that, to design processes that mitigate bias – so that objective considerations can prevail. This challenge becomes especially pertinent in a field such as venture capital, where intrinsic uncertainty renders decision makers particularly prone to irrational influences.


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We’ve all been there. It’s 2 p.m. and lunch is long over. But instead of feeling recharged and focused, you’re ready to curl up in a corner, turn off the lights, and take a nap. No one will notice, right?

While it’s completely normal to hit the dreaded afternoon slump, what happens when this feeling is around all day, every day?

Workplace fatigue isn’t just being physically tired—it’s being mentally exhausted.


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How HR managers can look for, develop and reinforce certain behaviours to break down barriers within their organisations.

HR managers who strive to identify and cultivate the best talent for their firms understand certain truisms. They know that hiring can’t be done by a bot, that there is a human aspect to finding the right fit for a particular team, and that there is great value in working across divides, be they cultural or functional.


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The competitive dynamics of digital and analytics put enormous pressure on incumbents’ strategies and operating models. Companies that apply advanced technologies and new ways of working generate more value than those that don’t. Capturing that prize requires executives to rethink and reinvent every aspect of their business, from strategy to operations. Read on to learn more about the elements of successful tech-enabled transformations.

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People who make plans to avoid or handle temptations may be more likely to achieve goals, such as academic and weight loss goals, according to new research by University of Wyoming psychologists.

Proactively planning to manage temptations may be more effective than simply responding to temptation when it arises, say UW Associate Professor Ben Wilkowski and recent UW psychology master’s degree recipient Zach Williamson.


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This summer, we published an analysis showing that the gap between large and small firms has grown over the past 15 years, with large companies becoming more likely to maintain their dominance and small ones less likely to become big and profitable. Several readers wrote to us asking about what’s happened to medium-sized firms — those not included in the top 30% or the bottom 30% of firms as measured by market value but those in the middle 40%.


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Google Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt Business InsiderStartups hoping to create commercial businesses in the sustainability world face special problems, Brandt told the crowd in Lisbon attending the Web Summit tech conference, where the announcement was made. These startups struggle with everything from a lack of investors to difficulties finding other startups with similar goals.

So Google is looking for 8-10 startups from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to take part in a six-month accelerator program in early 2020. Applications for the first cohort will open soon and Google plans to organize a second cohort later in the year.

Image: Google Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt - Business Insider

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