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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.

3 Examples Of Scaling Your Personal BrandPersonal branding for entrepreneurs in many cases is a massive paradox. On one hand, in the authentic, transparent business world we are living in right now, it is 100 percent imperative to have a personal brand–a human presence led by you. We all know that the cliche statements are true: People form relationships with people.

On the other hand, having a strong personal brand can also be a challenge of scalability. Can I scale myself? Am I too accessible? What happens if I go away?

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All aviation stakeholders, including manufacturers, airlines, airports and navigation service providers, have issued a joint call for governments to agree a global plan to address aviation emissions at December's United Nations climate summit in Cancún.

The call from the international aerospace industry comes as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is holding its general assembly in Montreal.

Industry worries that a fragmented worldwide regulatory system would raise compliance costs for the sector and hurt the global industry.

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HomeThis weekend I had the opportunity to spend a day at a program lead by Peter Senge - author of the Fifth Discipline - and expert on systemic change. A key part of his presentation was about the importance of looking at the WHOLE SYSTEM. This concept of the WHOLE SYSTEM is important to keep in mind as we invest time in Market Mining.

Market Mining is a methodical process of comparing and contrasting what you and your organization does with what others do. In the “old days” this was often challenging as it would be difficult to gain access to the spec sheets and offer details of competitors, customers and suppliers. Today, with the internet it’s painless.

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Oct. 5 – OK, so I’ve been beating up on China a bit recently, however as I pointed out, there are political hierarchical issues to solve, an economy to recalibrate and enormous amounts of bad debt sloshing around. That’s not that great a scenario, and as for the theory China escaped the global recession – I may point out perhaps for China alone, it may still yet to prove rather more a case of postponement. But at the end of the day, and especially for my business, we’re committed to China, and obviously see great things on the horizon. It’s just that a slowdown is occurring, India is growing, and the dynamics are changing. Short term, this is the deal:

  • Will China’s economic growth slowdown? Yes.
  • Will it lose labor intensive industrial investment to other regional markets? Yes.
  • Has it gotten more expensive? Yes.
  • Is the economy out of alignment? Yes.
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The Venture Capital industry is splitting into various segments to serve different “customers,” much like the car companies expanded their product line in the early days of their industry.

So says Chris Dixon, Cofounder of Hunch, an online recommendations site based in New York City, and an experienced investor in early-stage technology companies such as including Skype, Foursquare, Stack Overflow, TrialPay, DocVerse (acq by GOOG), and others. Dixon’s article was picked up recently by

The surplus of venture capital firms today has generated more competition and allowed entrepreneurs to become more selective as to who to partner with. As a result, venture capitalists have become more specialized. They have segmented their services either by industry (IT, cleantech, healthcare, etc.) or by the four distinct stages in the venture financing process.

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I’ve spent the last 3 days at TechCrunch Disrupt learning about the latest and greatest tech startups Silicon Valley (and actually the world) has to offer.  I noticed that many of the start-ups, many of which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt, are doing very similar things.  Here I’ll summarize the trends I saw.  While not totally relevant to the social enterprise world, I do believe many of these technologies can be leveraged to make a difference or at least improve the operations of a sustainable business.

1) Mobile everything

  • Pay with your phone with BlingNationMobilePay does something very similar. Easily build mobile apps with ApplicationCraft.   InstaMobile creates a mobile store fast and simple for anyone.  With ParticleCode you can automatically port mobile apps across platforms.  DudaMobile turns websites into mobile sites.
  • Clixtr lets you collaborate with friends and strangers on event related photo albums.  Pinger provides free texting!
  • Apsalar provides mobile analytics.
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A rocket-propelled life-preserver which can be launched up to 500 feet has won the 2010 James Dyson Award, one of the world's most prestigious student-design awards. Australian student Samuel Adeloju, who invented the so-called Longreach buoy, wins $15,000, as well as $15,000 for the industrial design department at his alma mater, the University of New South Wales.

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COTEC Portugal organized on 7th October at Porto, the VI Meeting COTEC Europe, an event that unites the Spanish counterparts, Italian and Portuguese in order to enhance contacts and exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs and business leaders from the three countries.

Fundación COTEC, Fondazione COTEC e COTEC Portugal irão debater b oas práticas no âmbito da inovação, com especial enfoque na valorização do conhecimento gerado nas universidades, na promoção do crescimento das PME e na sustentabilidade da gestão da inovação empresarial. COTEC Foundation, Fondazione COTEC and Portugal will discuss COTEC b oas practices in innovation, with special focus on the enhancement of knowledge generated in universities, the promotion of SME growth and sustainability of the management of business innovation.

O COTEC Europa conta com a participação do Rei Juan Carlos de Espanha, do Presidente da República de Itália Giorgio Napolitano, e do Presidente da República de Portugal Aníbal Cavaco Silva. The COTEC Europe with the participation of King Juan Carlos of Spain, the President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano, and the President of Portugal Anibal Cavaco Silva.

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USS NimitzWhat entrepreneurs and executives can learn from sailors

Very few civilians have the opportunity to experience life on a nuclear aircraft carrier up close and personal. Recently, I had the extraordinary experience of spending a day and a night at sea in the Pacific on board the USS Nimitz. I was part of a Navy outreach program to give ordinary landlubbers like me a perspective on the mission and operations of a naval strike group.

I was excited. Who would turn down a chance to get on top of a nuclear power plant driving 100,000 tons of steel through the ocean, with 5,000 men and women handling scores of aircraft, carrying thousands of pounds of bombs and missiles, burning thousands of gallons of jet fuel a day, with margins measured in inches, and tolerances of seconds? What could possibly go wrong?

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All the information and knowledge in the world will not help us unless we take time to reflect upon what we have learned and also do something with it. When I discuss personal knowledge management [a term that really needs to be changed and I welcome suggestions] I emphasize reflection through doing. In my case, this happens most often on my blog. Blogs are powerful tools for reflection.

  • Blogs act as the glue between our interactions with others, whether they be projects, meetings or conferences
  • Blogs are ways of mapping our personal learning journey
  • Every blog is unique and, over time, gives a whole-person view
  • Blogs encourage dialogue and help us relate to a wider audience and be more professional
  • Blogs provide peer feedback
  • Blogs can also be emotional and playful, to show and share our humanity
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If you find yourself reminiscing about how easily your imagination flowed when you were a child, and wonder why it’s so difficult to stir up your creative juices as an adult, this post is for you. As we mature, we develop bad habits that crush your ability to be innovative and, as a result, stifle our creativity. There are eight main patterns of behaviour we fall into that will limit us. See three below:

  • Creating and evaluating at the same time
  • Fear of ambiguity
  • Being trapped by false limits
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It’s week 40 of 2010 and we have another dose of creativity for you.

My Creative Team’s Big List Of Creativity Links – I’ve pulled together in Word document format all of the creativity links we have presented so far this year. I’ll keep updating, so check back often.

The Top 10 Social Networks For Creatives - This article starts by looking at the benefits of networking for creative people & surveys 10 social networks that should be on your radar as a creative professional.

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