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Blogging InnovationThank you to everyone who entered our last contest of 2009 for a chance to win one of three copies of Gary Hamel's latest book "The Future of Management" ?

Lady luck has spoken and I'd like to announce the three winners of their very own copy of "The Future of Management":

1. Cathy Olofson

2. Ashish Thomas

3. Peter Vander Auwera
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On Purpose MediaWhen we encounter people and organizations the initial experience speaks volumes to their purpose. Our first experience with people and organizations is with their media. Media now reflects intentions that are immediately transparent and if not designed with a “social element” the experience reflects an anti-social purpose. Anti-social experiences are not relational.

What Is Your Purpose?

Purpose reflects a person or organizations thinking aimed at achieving a goal in a given system, whether human or machine. Its most general sense is the anticipated result which guides decision making in choosing appropriate actions within a range of strategies . Purpose serves the intent of ones actions which are reflected in subsequent communications that relate to said actions. In today’s eco-system of social media one’s purpose is detected by the context of the content people and organizations propagate. Content attracts us to a destination, your site, and when we get to your destination the experience better reflect our purpose, not yours.
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How would you feel about a physician who killed more patients than he helped? What about a police detective who committed more murders than he solved? Or a teacher whose students were more likely to get dumber than smarter as the school year progressed? And what if you discovered that these perverse outcomes were more the rule than the exception—that they were characteristic of most doctors, policemen and professors? You’d be more than perplexed. You’d be incensed, outraged. You’d demand that something must be done!

Given this, why are we complacent when confronted with data that suggest most managers are more likely to douse the flames of employee enthusiasm than fan them, and are more likely to frustrate extraordinary accomplishment than to foster it?
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SOA WorldOver the past couple years I have written several stories with “frog soup” as a main theme. The idea of being in cold water, and not recognizing the degree by degree increase of heat in the water, till at some point we are cooked, is the danger of being a cold-blooded animal. Business may follow a similar course.

In business we can follow the route of “this is the way we’ve always done it, and it works, so there is no reason to change our processes or strategies.” Innovations like virtualization or cloud computing hit the headlines, and many say “it is a cool idea, but we want the security and hands-on confidence of running our own servers and applications.”
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NASVFSome of the more unusual capital –raising strategies exercised by entrepreneurs this past year prove that entrepreneurs that make a creative effort to find angel investors can successfully attract capital for their business.

An independent café and bookstore in Brooklyn, NY garnered 144 local investors who contributed capital when the owner turned to the community with her venture proposition. Faced with accrued fines that would have resulted in a loss of the store’s license to serve food and beverages – and thereby necessitating it to close down – the owner of Vox Pop in Brooklyn petitioned neighbors at town hall meetings for help. She netted $64,000 from local investors who wanted to make sure their neighborhood shop stayed open.
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Savannah NowEven before the current global meltdown, a New Age business model for entrepreneurs had emerged in the United States as a result of the convergence of four major factors: globalization, the Internet, knowledge and technology, and advancements in the understanding of entrepreneurship, management and leadership.

The development of the New Age entrepreneurial business model is a composite of research from a number of sources, including the Kauffman Foundation's 2008 State New Economy Index and my personal research and experiences in evaluating dynamic, high-growth ventures.

This business model includes two major components - a description of the New Age entrepreneur and the emergence of high-growth business ventures that achieve extraordinary results.
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When you create your corporation and make it a legal entity in the principal State of Business, Nevada, or Delaware, one of the requirements is to Capitalize your company to give it value.

What this means is to create a number of shares (stock) in the company and give it a “par value” (which may be no par value). You are taxed based on this value until you start making revenue, etc.
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Radio Free EuropeCutting deep into the inner reaches of the atom to see what matter is really made of. It sounds like science fiction, or perhaps a physicist’s dream, but in December, one giant step was taken toward accomplishing just that, as the Large Hadron Collider kicked into action.

It was just one of the stories that made 2009 a dynamic year in science and technology.

Large Hadron Collider

With technical problems resolved, the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, sent proton beams whizzing through a 27-kilometer-long circular tunnel under the French-Swiss border, colliding them at a record 2.36 trillion electron volts. After this crucial early success, the stage is set for the discovery of mysterious subatomic particles – and perhaps some of the keys to the universe itself.
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Do you think you live in a state that encourages and supports entrepreneurism? You simply need to ask the Small Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council. Recently, the SBE Council released data announcing the top states that have the best climate for entrepreneurs to excel – and the results may surprise you!

The SBE’s Take on the Small Business Environment

Who is the SBE Council? The SBE Council is a non-partisan, non-profit small business advocacy group whose mission is to protect small businesses and promote entrepreneurship. Part of their mission is to educate lawmakers and elected officials, as well as the public, to advance policies and laws that make entrepreneurship easier.
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Great day to FlyIn response to the terrorist bombing attempt on Christmas Day, Dutch officials have announced that they will begin using more full body scanners for United States-bound flights.

Security experts think that this technology could have detected the explosives Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was concealing when he successfully boarded Flight 253 to Detroit from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

But concerns have been raised that these full body scanners can reveal more than just explosives. Is improved security worth sacrificing your personal privacy?
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Marketing to consumers’ cellphones has long been viewed as something of a holy grail by businesses – prized but always beyond reach. Recently however, new mobile technologies have gone mainstream, making the elusive goal of an always-on connection with customers firmly within reach of even the smallest business.

Consider that:
  • There are four times the number of cellphones in the world versus PCs (4Bn vs. 1Bn) and 20% of all U.S. households are now “mobile-only”
  • Over 130 Billion texts are sent each month, up from practically nothing in 2000
  • Gen Yers (18-29) say their phone is the most important device they own
  • According to multiple analysts, Mobile Marketing and Advertising will explode from just a couple hundred million dollars in revenues in 2008 to $3 – 5 Billion by 2012.
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NanoScaleNanoScale is a private U.S. Corporation dedicated to the marketing, manufacturing and commercialization of nanotechnology products. In the past they’ve worked with clients in the government, the US army, the civilian population and scientific researchers. Not only do they develop nano-materials, but they also write and publish numerous nanoscience papers. Based out of Kansas State University, this corporation is world-renowned for their decontamination and environmental remediation solutions, in particular.

Over the past 14 years, NanoScale Corporation has been recognized as the leading nanotechnology company in America. Since 1995, their company has won more than 10 SBIR Bridge Awards and two KTEC Applied Research Matching Funds awards given out by the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation. KTEC explained, “NanoScale synthesizes reactive nano-particles, which are composed of tiny clusters of atoms that have unusual chemical and physical properties. These nano-particles aggressively interact with and break up other molecules. The potential for commercial applications includes detoxification of hazardous chemicals, odor control, air and water filtration, drug delivery, improving sun protection and skin care products, protection systems for microchips, and more. The total market size for nanotechnology products and services, as projected by various U. S. industry associations, will be $1 trillion annually in 10 to 15 years.”
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