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Autopilot car gps in abstract style on deep backgr D4YKM7F

Over the past five years, there have been a series of high-profile cases of vehicles misinterpreting the driving environment while using Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). Most recently in July, algorithms inside of Tesla’s TSLA -0.3% Full Self-Driving (FSD) system-initiated slowdowns for the yellowish-moon since sensors were accidentally interpreting the distant orb as a traffic signal. Another blockbuster-yet-slightly-humorous story was when a second Tesla vehicle crashed within a week, but the latter accident was with a parked police vehicle (March, 2021). Or sometimes, as in the cases of Tesla vehicles in Delray Beach (2019) and Williston (2016), the vision system’s miss of a semi-trailer resulted in two separate, unfunny crashes killing both drivers.


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Amazon Logo

As Amazon’s executives took the stage one after another yesterday to introduce the world to the company’s “next big leaps forward,” a sense of deja vu crept up on me. It only grew stronger as the event progressed, with many new Amazon products seeming incredibly familiar. The company has been criticized in the past for borrowing designs of popular goods and selling them for a lot cheaper.

That’s not an uncommon practice of course — massive retailers all over America like Walmart and Costco have offered lower-cost store-brand lines forever. But none of them stage flashy keynotes to tout their products as “innovations.” While Amazon has indeed brought certain unique technologies to the world in the past, this year the company’s “innovations” seemed to be more of it doing what it does best: undercutting the rest.


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Discussing anti crisis management strategy ZGHJ9W6

Entrepreneurs are the people who start and run new businesses. They have a vision for something that doesn't exist yet, and they take action to make it happen. They're not afraid of taking risks or working hard to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurship is about having ideas, taking risks, and turning those ideas into reality through hard work.

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who take the most educated and calculated risks. Otherwise, you run the risk of being one of the 60 percent of all startups that fail in their first year of operation in Australia. 


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Barbara Schilberg retiring as Managing Director and CEO;
Shahram Hejazi, Ph.D., appointed as Managing Director and CEO

PBioAdvance Logohiladelphia, PA, September 29, 2021 – BioAdvance, a $70 million early-stage life sciences fund with a focus in the mid-Atlantic region, announced today that it has added six new companies to its portfolio in the last 18 months and has made follow-on investments in eight of its existing companies. Combined, these investments represent a commitment of $6.875 million to the success and growth of life science companies in the region. BioAdvance also announced a transition in leadership with long-time Managing Director and CEO Barbara Schilberg retiring and Shahram Hejazi, Ph.D., appointed as incoming Managing Director and CEO effective October 1, 2021.


“Like many investors, when the COVID pandemic began, we focused on helping our existing companies survive the various disruptions to product development and product sales,” said Schilberg, outgoing CEO of BioAdvance. “Within six months, we were able to resume investing in new companies and also have a robust pipeline of opportunities in active diligence.”


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Every year, Gallup asks a sample of American adults what might seem to be a rather loaded question: How much do you like your job? The results may surprise you. The portion who say they are “completely satisfied” at work has risen dramatically over the past two decades, from 41 percent in 2001 to 55 percent in 2019. In 2020, despite the fact that millions of Americans had shifted to remote work, 89 percent said they were either “completely” or “somewhat” satisfied.

I teach graduate students who have carefully envisioned their ideal career, many of whom are training to enter jobs in business or government. They find this statistic surprising because, like so many of us, they generally assume that to be satisfied, you must hold your dream job—one where your skills meet your passions, you make good money, and you are excited to get to work each day. No way 89 percent of people have this, right?


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people fist pumping over a table

In my experience as an employee, up to an executive, in large companies as well as small, I’ve found that people who are consistently negative and complain are a big constraint on productivity, as well as the most difficult management problem that most business leaders face. The challenge is to get negative people to see themselves as part of the problem, rather than the solution.

If you are one of these people, you probably also don’t realize that for you personally, negativity has serious consequences for your mental and physical health, as well as the health of your company. Perhaps you just see it as "venting," and rationalize that by getting your emotions out, you will feel better, and everyone else will finally see you as the victim of the real problem.


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My client, let’s call him Karl, was struggling to motivate his team. Karl came across as mildly stern even when smiling, and his presentational style in team meetings was clinical and measured. One-on-one, Karl was known to be a good listener and thoughtful boss, but in large forums, he tended to freeze, defaulting to offering quick solutions or doubling down on the company line when presented with complicated questions instead of taking time to share his own perspective. The result? His audience felt he was formal and lacked authenticity, and his employees gave him low marks for his ability to inspire.


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Question blocks 9JQ6UNG

When running a business, you invariably come across decisions that will define your trajectory. Should you launch a new product? Should you partner or acquire a competitor? Or should you make new hires?

Oftentimes these decisions aren’t black or white, which makes them so hard to make. So how can you best evaluate all the critical decisions you’ll have to make to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. Here are three questions any entrepreneur should ask to help them think through opportunities. 


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Innovative business technology W88UAF4

Regions across the country, striving to foster dynamic, diverse growth, are launching initiatives aimed at supporting the scale up of the technology and advanced-economy companies that inordinately drive the economy.

Yet, technology startup formation remains heavily skewed toward Silicon Valley, New York City, and Boston.

At the same time, regions that were previously anchored by sectors such as manufacturing and industrials sorely need more of such growth.


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They say that you shouldn’t waste time reinventing the wheel — don’t fix what ain’t broken, right? But that’s exactly what Michelin is trying to do. The major Cursor and Notification Center anufacturer of automobile tires has for over a decade been working to create airless tires, which it believes could last longer and offer significant environmental benefits to boot.

Image: Michelin 

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Johnson and Johnson Innovation

Nearly 4% of the world’s population is affected by one of more than 80 different autoimmune diseases, according to the National Stem Cell Foundation, and incidence is rising.

However, of the 30 million patients diagnosed with moderate-to-severe forms of chronic immune diseases, only 5 million receive advanced therapies and only 2 million experience adequate responses.[1] A key barrier to the development of novel therapies and treatment paradigms has been the complexity and heterogeneity of these diseases, which consist of different disease states with distinct unmet medical need and biology.


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Image Credits: Nigel Sussman

Somehow the third quarter of 2021 is coming to a close. Instead of a period filled with family and friends and fun, in many parts of the world, the COVID era dragged on, leaving us largely working from home and executing more phone calls than impromptu brunches. Alas.

But in the last handful of quarters, COVID and its impacts have proven to be attractive periods for both startup fundraising and growth. The second quarter, for example, saw huge sums of private capital disbursed around the world, partially predicated on underlying performance from startups themselves, and partially thanks to inexpensive capital bolstering venture coffers.

Image: Image Credits: Nigel Sussman

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