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Knowledge of an individual's skin condition is important for pressure ulcer prevention. Detecting early changes in skin through perfusion, oxygen saturation values, and pressure on tissue and subsequent therapeutic intervention could increase patients' quality of life drastically. However, most existing sensing options create additional risk of ulcer development due to further pressure on and chafing of the skin. Here, as a first component, we present a flexible, photonic textile-based sensor for the continuous monitoring of the heartbeat and blood flow. Polymer optical fibres (POFs) are melt-spun continuously and characterized optically and mechanically before being embroidered. The resulting sensor shows flexibility when embroidered into a moisture-wicking fabric, and withstands disinfection with hospital-type laundry cycles. Additionally, the new sensor textile shows a lower static coefficient of friction (COF) than conventionally used bedsheets in both dry and sweaty conditions versus a skin model. Finally, we demonstrate the functionality of our sensor by measuring the heartbeat at the forehead in reflection mode and comparing it with commercial finger photoplethysmography for several subjects. Our results will allow the development of flexible, individualized, and fully textile-integrated wearable sensors for sensitive skin conditions and general long-term monitoring of patients with risk for pressure ulcer.


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We’ve all been through it — the looming cost project. And for many of us, it’s not a fond memory.

How many cost-cutting initiatives have our companies gone through in the last dozen years? More important, do we look back on those initiatives as transformative in helping us build success and leading us to growth?

For executives at most large organizations, the answer to the first question is probably “too many,” and the answer to the second is “no.” Call it cost management fatigue.


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Bruges Appartements City Building House Grunge

Zander Dejah, 25, pays $1,900 a month rent to live in a downtown San Francisco house with at least 40 other people, many of whom sleep in bunk beds.

Dejah is a resident of The Negev, a communal living space that styles itself as a home for millennial tech workers to brainstorm ideas, write code and create apps, even if they have to share toilets and bathrooms with dozens of others.


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FLC Logo

We’re excited to announce that the new and improved FLC Business is officially live to the public! Over the past year, many major enhancements went into revamping the search functionality and adding to the breadth of federal laboratory data that this unique, comprehensive search tool now offers.  


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austin texas

When it comes to tax breaks for economic development, following the money has never been easy.

Thanks to new accounting rules, states and localities have to disclose how much revenue they lose to such deals. But a new report finds that most of the nation’s largest local governments fail to reveal other basic information online, like what companies are benefiting, how much money they receive or whether they deliver on promises to create jobs.


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The U. S. House of Representatives wasted no time at the start of the new Congress, passing seven bills Tuesday that had been approved by the chamber in a previous session but had not received consideration in the Senate. Four of these bills with particular relevance to the innovation community are the HALOS Act, TALENT Act, Leveraging Emerging Technologies Act of 2017  and Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act.


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Dollars Dollar Bills Banknotes Money

If the 2016 election result teaches us one thing, it is that America cannot continue to be a country where a few areas — Silicon Valley, New York — prosper wildly, while much of the rest of the country is buffeted by economic uncertainty.

We cannot solve this division by turning the clock back to the 1950s: Globalization and technology are irreversible forces, and what made Detroit, Cleveland and Omaha great decades ago cannot be restored with the wave of a wand. As a nation, how do we heal the division between coastal economies that are enjoying larger and larger gains from economic change, and a large expanse of our country between the coasts that have nostalgic wishes for an unrecoverable economy of days gone by?


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100 Best Companies to Work For 2017

Google is the No. 1 place to work for the eighth time in 11 years. This is the twentieth anniversary of Fortune’s list, and 12 companies have made the cut every year, including Publix, REI and Goldman Sachs. There are also five newcomers: Pinnacle Financial Partners, SAP America, Delta Air Lines, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, and AT&T.


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The brain has more than 100 times higher computational capacity than was previously thought, a UCLA team has discovered.

Obsoleting neuroscience textbooks, this finding suggests that our brains are both analog and digital computers and could lead to new approaches for treating neurological disorders and developing brain-like computers, according to the researchers.


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No organization in the country—private, public or nonprofit—achieves higher customer satisfaction ratings than the National Cemetery Administration.

NCA, which manages 135 national cemeteries and 33 soldiers' lots and monuments across the country, topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index for the sixth time. ASCI rates organizations on a 100-point scale based on customer feedback.


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The National Collegiate Athletic Association took a major step this year toward recognizing the importance of academic performance by voting to allocate, for the first time, millions of dollars based on how teams fare in the classroom. The NCAA has nothing on Inside Higher Ed, however. Since 2006, we have determined the winner of the NCAA's basketball tournaments based on the academic performance of the competing teams.


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You ll never be as thrilled as this surfer who got wiped out by a dolphin

Seems like all you can do is laugh when you get whacked by a dolphin.

Surfer Sam Yoon was ecstatic when he was knocked off his board by the aquatic mammal off Duranbah Beach, in Australia's Tweed Heads. The dolphin was leaping in front of a wave and  collided with Yoon as it dived back into the water. 

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"You see that? It landed on my head, shoulders and the back. It was like, full on," Yoon told 9 News Thursday, while reacting to iPhone footage of the collision.

Image: - From Video

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