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You should own your DNA according to the biodata bill of rights

In the next decade, businesses and governments will increasingly collect biological data, from facial recognition to DNA. Every time you command a smart speaker, have your face scanned, or track your health on any app, it’s all going into your biological data bank.

Today, startups like Voicesense and Sonde Health can decode our voice to make predictions about anything from depression to defaulting on our mortgage. In the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security is planning on developing a DNA database of immigrants in federal detention facilities. Meanwhile, in China, the government is collecting DNA and biometrics from all residents aged 12 to 65 in Xinjiang, a region home to 11 million Muslim Uighurs.

Image: Source photos: Jude Beck/Unsplash; TheDigitalArtist/Pexels -

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You snoozed your alarm one too many times, so your morning has been a frantic dash. You gave up on finding matching socks, forgot your lunch, almost missed your train, and arrived to your first meeting five minutes late, panting and needing to use the bathroom.

It’s going to be a long day . . .

For some, this may be an occasional blip in an overall Zen morning schedule. But for others, this is a lifestyle. And it’s stressful.


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Patrick Mahomes' brilliance is no secret.

On Sunday, the 24-year-old Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs on yet another postseason comeback, erasing a 10-point deficit in the final eight minutes of Super Bowl LIV to defeat the San Francisco 49ers and bring the Kansas City faithful their first championship in 50 years.

The title capped a brilliant three-year introduction to the NFL for Mahomes, who went from a relatively unknown backup to Alex Smith to the best quarterback in football.


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People Sitting on Chairs Beside their Desks in an office Free Stock Photo

When capital is overflowing, aspiring founders evaluate the value of a startup accelerator and whether it will move them closer to their goal or waste their time and equity. From my perspective, it depends on the mindset of the team.

The first time our company applied to an accelerator, we were rejected. Although our team had a deep background in chat and messaging technologies, we were building a consumer product with a team of Korean dads and single men trying to market a social media platform to moms in the U.S. and Korea.


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A company could spend all the money it wants recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the best people around. But if the boss is a jerk, those people will leave the first chance they get.

In contrast, if you have great managers and team leads, not only will you get the best out of your people, but they'll also be more likely to stick around.

For over 10 years, Google has conducted research under the code name Project Oxygen. The goal? Figuring out what makes the perfect manager, so it could train its leaders to develop those behaviors. The research has paid off, as over the years Google has seen marked improvement in employee turnover, satisfaction, and performance.


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AmyK Hutchens

Business owners make myriad decisions every day. However, when it comes to the toughest choices, like whether to hire more talent, invest in technology or seek another round of funding, it’s imperative to get clarity. When you increase your certainty before you go down a specific road, you’ll avoid second guessing your decision and unintentionally sabotaging your commitment and results.


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MAP What s the most common language in every state Business Insider

America strives to be an inclusive nation. Americans frequently celebrate the country's vast diversity, such as throughout Black History Month in February and Diversity Month in April.   

One of the ways America shows its diverse culture is in the sheer number of languages spoken by the country's people. This map shows which languages other than English and Spanish are the most common in each state and Washington, DC.


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A look ahead What to expect from venture capital in 2020 PitchBook

We recently hosted a webinar with NVCA, Silicon Valley Bank and Carta to look at the findings from the Q4 2019 PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor and discuss what lies ahead for venture capital in 2020.

Along with diving into the latest in fundraising, deal flow and exit activity, our expert panelists talked about several other key trends.


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Josh Kopelman

Given the high risk and unpredictability of markets and trends, having a strong “why” can help you weather the ups and downs throughout the years of a company’s journey. And with the decade-ish wait for returns and liquidity on a typical angel investment, that motivation should primarily be to support the entrepreneur community, not just make the most money.

Image: Josh Kopelman. (Courtesy photo)

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University officials like to talk about how they help to educate and inspire new entrepreneurs (at least to some people, anyway; they’d never bring that up in front of the social-justice crowd), but is it more than just talk? In today’s Martin Center article, Zak Slayback argues that it isn’t.

He writes: “Universities don’t specialize in entrepreneurship, even if they create majors and centers devoted to it. In the best cases, they work as honeypots where entrepreneurship is a function of smart people being near other smart people.


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