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Entrepreneurs inherently understand that they have to be the initial leader of their startup, but often they don’t have the experience or the training to know where their leadership competencies lie, or how to build a leadership team. For new entrepreneurs, leadership development efforts may be more valuable for achieving startup success than business skills development.


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For most millennials, struggling to find high-paying work after graduation is the new normal. 

Some post-grads, however, can rake in serious cash if they choose certain entry-level jobs.

Entry-level engineers, in particular, and other high-skilled work can earn up to $95,000 right out of college, according to Glassdoor's annual report on the highest-paying jobs. Glassdoor identified these jobs using annual base salaries as reported by people 25 or younger from January 2018 to December 2018. 


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Man Holding Mug in Front of Laptop Free Stock Photo

If you’ve been balancing your laptop on a precarious stack of cookbooks, or lamented VPN speed from your kitchen table, you’re not alone. Ever since restrictions were put in place to slow the spread of Covid-19, companies have been scrambling to enable colleagues to work from home.

As we adapt to the much-cited ‘new normal’, some experts are predicting that remote work might be here to stay. This is leaving many nervously eyeing up our makeshift home desk set-ups, and wondering how on earth we can handle the backache. 


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european union flag

The Commission has today proposed an EU budget of €166.7 billion for 2021, to be complemented by €211 billion in grants and approximately €133 billion in loans under Next Generation EU, the temporary recovery instrument aimed at mobilising investments and kick-starting the European economy. Together, the annual budget and Next Generation EU will mobilise significant investments in 2021 to address the immediate economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, kick-start a sustainable recovery and protect and create jobs. The budget is also fully in line with the commitment to invest in the future in order to achieve a greener, more digital and resilient Europe.


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Coronavirus glossary Key terms around the pandemic Los Angeles Times

Despite the many things we don’t know about COVID-19, one thing has been repeated so often and so loudly it seems almost indisputable: elderly people are more likely than young people to get sick and die from COVID-19.

More recent data, however, show a more complex picture. Older people do seem more likely to die from COVID-19—but they aren’t necessarily more likely to get infected.


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The Covid-19 crisis and its fallout — including recession, layoffs, and uneven economic pain — as well as recent protests over police brutality and demands for racial justice have presented many of us with challenges that we’ve not encountered before. The high-stakes and unfamiliar nature of these situations have left many people feeling fearful of missteps. No one can reduce mistakes to zero, but you can learn to harness your drive to prevent them and channel it into better decision making. Use these tips to become a more effective worrier.


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machine learning

“The only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else,” said Eric Ries, author of The Lean Start-Up. And yet, most people — regardless how brilliant or talented they are — don’t extract as much learning out of their experience as they could. 

If you were mining for gold, you wouldn’t just extract 5% of the gold and leave the rest behind, would you? So why do people do the equivalent when it comes to learning from their experience?


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Since its launch in 1998, Illumina and its genetic analysis toolkits and services have become an essential component of the new biological manufacturing and therapeutic development industries that have emerged in the last 25 years.

And for the past six years the company has attempted to encourage the development of the industry through an incubator program that launches new startups in the field into the market.


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Canadian venture capital investment is down except when it comes to companies with COVID 19 tie in Financial Post

Canadian venture-capital investment has skidded during the coronavirus pandemic, but some of the biggest VC deals getting done involve companies that could help the fight against COVID-19, audit firm KPMG says.

VC investment in Canada for the not-yet-complete second quarter stood at US$796.6 million as of Wednesday afternoon, down 12 per cent compared to the first quarter and by 33 per cent from the second quarter of 2019, KPMG told the Post.

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What Makes Some People More Resilient Than Others

A few years ago, an unimaginable thing happened in my life. I wanted to help someone I cared about, someone who was sick with an illness he was hiding. I went to his house, intent on a rescue operation that would end, I thought, with a trip to the emergency room. Instead, it ended with a trip to the morgue. What I found when I arrived was my ex-husband, dead on his bathroom floor. The hidden illness? An intravenous drug addiction.


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