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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.


Cities are rich with information. Look closely, be it through street cameras, our phone GPS, or our grocery bills, and you can see patterns in how we live. But new research from the University of Queensland and the Norwegian Institute for Water Research has found a rich source of information beneath the surface of the city—specifically in the sewers.


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Marcel Schwantes

It's a great time to be an entrepreneur in America. According to the latest data from Pitchbook, U.S.-based companies have raised $66 billion in venture funding so far in 2019, putting the market on track to surpass $100B for the second year in a row.

But just because the startup world is awash in venture capital doesn't mean funding comes easy, especially for early-stage companies that have yet to reach product/market fit.


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family breakfast

Breakfast, it is oft alleged, is the most important meal of the day. Also a thing of champions. Plus a meal you really can have at Tiffany’s (as long as you book a month ahead and don’t mind paying $35 for avocado toast). And for many families, breakfast is now becoming something else: their primary family meal.


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top 10

If you're having trouble dreaming up ideas for a new business, one option might be to head to business school for an MBA in entrepreneurship. Getting an MBA in entrepreneurship can help self-starting students turn ideas into reality as they develop skills and a business plan. Here are the 10 best MBA programs for entrepreneurship.


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Marc Andreessen’s call that “software is eating the world” has proven quite prescient. Whether you're the founder of a unicorn tech startup, a local small business, or a social media influencer, nowadays, it seems that just about every business needs a tech strategy. Yet keeping up with the latest developments is not easy. Even tech pros have problems.


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Daniel Neiditch

There’s a reason why Amazon and Spotify consistently top the charts as two of the most innovative companies year after year. In today’s unpredictable and rapidly changing digital era, both businesses have managed to stay agile and avoid failure. Amazon adapted to cloud-based software, while Spotify redefined streaming services with data-backed personalized playlists. 


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The idea that we are living in an entrepreneurial age, experiencing rapid disruptive technological innovation on a scale amounting to a new "industrial revolution" is a pervasive modern myth. Scholars have written academic papers extolling the coming of the "entrepreneurial economy". Policymakers and investors have pumped massive amounts of funding into start-up ecosystems and innovation. Business schools, universities and schools have moved entrepreneurship into their core curricula.


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Rinke Zonneveld

InnovationQuarter as an international best practice according to the OECD - OCDE!

Had the honour to adress a conference of the Metropolregion Hamburg on the occassion of the presentation of the OECD review of this region. A lot of similarities with the Greater Rotterdam The Hague Area in economic structure and challenges. One of the key recommendations of the OECD is to set up an organisation like InnovationQuarter as a growth engine for the Hamburg region.


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bill gates

Bill Gates believes he can predict the future—at least when it comes to global health. And his vision is pretty impressive: No more malnutrition and fewer doctors working to save lives because more people are stable and healthy. And there’s a nice ripple effect—without those problems, we can pour more resources into improving our quality of life instead.


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