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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.


While on an investor tour in Europe, I ended a busy day by joining my boss at a nice restaurant. After he said something funny, I responded in my typical style — throwing back my head and letting out hearty, unabashed laughter. People were taken aback. They turned to stare at me.


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Arch Grants has awarded $1,000,000 in grant funds to 20 new startups and early-stage businesses from across the country and around the globe. The winners were announced at the 6th annual Arch Grants Gala last Friday, on November 16th.

“Arch Grants is building a movement focused not just on economic growth, but on creating a pipeline for future leaders in our region,” said Emily Lohse-Busch, Executive Director at Arch Grants, “the 20 companies that we’ve funded this year are led by an incredibly talented, diverse, impressive group of founders who will only add to the robust St. Louis ecosystem.

Image: Winning startups take the stage at the Arch Grants Gala 2018

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college students

Whether a student is more inclined to learn about artificial intelligence or take up photography, several factors play a role in choosing the right college.

Business Insider has complied a ranking of the top 50 underrated colleges nationwide by considering two factors: reputation and future earnings. We figured that schools with mediocre or obscure reputations but whose students made high salaries would be underrated.


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Cities that didn t win HQ2 shouldn t be counted out TechCrunch

The more than year-long dance between cities and Amazon for its second headquarters is finally over, with New York City and Washington, DC, capturing the big prize. With one of the largest economic development windfalls in a generation on the line, 238 cities used every tactic in the book to court the company – including offering to rename a city “Amazon” and appointing Jeff Bezos “mayor for life.”


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The kilogram is being redefined as a fundamental constant not just a chunk of metal MIT Technology Review

Scientists from more than 60 countries agreed to change the definition of the kilogram during a conference on Friday in Versailles, France.

The history: The kilogram was originally defined as being equivalent to the mass of a liter of water. Since 1889 scientists have based its definition on a physical object: a platinum alloy cylinder known informally as “Le Grand K” which was kept in a safe in Paris. An obvious drawback was that if the cylinder changed, so did the entire global system of measurement. When it was measured in 1980s, it weighed several micrograms less than it was supposed to, forcing manufacturers who made products based on the standards to reissue their weights.


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SAN FRANCISCO -- For years now, Silicon Valley has been searching in frustration for the next big breakthrough.

Innovative businesses that launched a decade ago, such as Uber and Airbnb, are finally making money or heading toward public offerings - but only after years of bruising fights with regulators and costly operational challenges.

At the same time, the dominance of Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon, has made it harder for new startups to burst on the scene. And the impact of powerful and much touted emerging tech, such as artificial intelligence and crypto-currencies, has been more incremental than explosive.


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ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2018 / Even with recent reports suggesting that about 75% of all venture-backed businesses fail in making profits, venture capitalists are still quite picky while choosing a business to invest in. 

This mainly has to do with the goals that venture capital investors have when picking a business for investment. VC firms usually invest millions of dollars in businesses with very-low to no liquidity in a hope that the long-term profit will at least be 5x or 10x the investment.


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Deep Patel

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy to know the right thing to do once we can look back. Sometimes we wish we could go back and handle issues differently, or we think we could avoid certain problems altogether if only we had known what to do.

Of course, none of us can go back in time, and all those setbacks and mistakes give us valuable lessons that make us who we are. Without having lived through something, mistakes and all, you wouldn’t have the experiences and perspective necessary to become who you’re meant to be. Nevertheless, who hasn’t wished they could go back and tell their younger selves something?


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Brian P. Darmody is associate vice president for corporate engagement at the University of Maryland.

Amazon announced its HQ2 decision last Tuesday, splitting the decision between Crystal City and New York. But an earlier competition to site the nation’s capital makes the HQ2 contest seem like a cakewalk.

As outlined by Kenneth R. Bowling in “The Creation of Washington D.C.,” the political and economic competition among states spanning many years on where to put the capital threatened the viability of a young United States and the workings of a new form of government.


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Crafting a good email — setting the tone, making your point and coming across professional but not out of touch — is no easy feat. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the process, amp up your skills and improve your overall work experience by making good impressions on all.

Here, experts in corporate communications explain how to send the ideal business email in just about any scenario.


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Believe it or not, there are angels out there. For real. Not just the cosmic beings we often read in books and holy manuscripts, but real people who are ready to lend a hand, or a few thousand dollars, if you’re talking about business.

The angels who are willing to fund a startup or small enterprise, are known as angel investors, and unlike venture capitalists who are often all about the money, ‘angels’ function on a more personal level. An angel could be a rich friend, or even an affluent family member willing to invest not solely to earn a profit but to support someone they know and believe in.


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