Innovation America Innovation America Accelerating the growth of the GLOBAL entrepreneurial innovation economy
Founded by Rich Bendis

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK – November 6, 2009 Innovation and Technology Based Business Leader Richard Bendis captivated over 1400 participants at The Eyes On the Future Economic Summit at St. John Fisher College, showcasing a unique collaboration of industry experts from education, business, high technology and non-profit community organizations.

Richard BendisRichard Bendis is founding President and CEO of Innovation America, a national private and public partnership focused on accelerating the growth of entrepreneurial innovation economy in America. Bendis is a highly renowned global innovation and technology economic development leader, international speaker and consultant in the technology and healthcare industries. Mr. Bendis’ accolades include appointments to national innovation organizations and committees including the White House U.S. Innovation Partnership, Advisory Task Force and Co-Chair of the Small Business Innovation Research Committee, and the National Governor’s Association. Moreover, Bendis is an expert consultant to international organizations including the United Nations, NATO, UK Trade and Industry, European Commission, French Embassy and global ventures. Mr. Bendis is also a Senior Fellow with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and is currently focused on their emerging portfolio of Innovation programs.

A successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, and venture capitalist, Richard Bendis worked previously in Chin a, as CEO and President of True Product ID Inc. and traveled extensively throughout the vast multicultural interior and coastal areas of China. Increasingly critical for China is to devise and implement an economic business development strategy of enterprise-led innovation. China’s modern business challenge requires a balanced strategy, creating the right incentives, capacity building of the private sector, and strengthening the ecosystem for the venture capital industry, and to develop indigenous, enterprise-based innovation. Technological innovation is particularly important for China to respond to the global economic crisis and sustainability; highly desirable is to retain the quality of China's global competitiveness, enterprise managers, and progressive economic reforms.