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Innovation Matters:

Innovation Philadelphia (IP) has experienced several successful transitions, regarding Mission, Focus and Leadership, since its inception in 2001. 2010 brings us to a new evolving chapter, which is not as clearly defined, since our current leader, Kelly Lee has departed IP as of April 16th to pursue other interests. We thank Kelly for her commitment to IP and wish her the best in her future endeavors.

This transition in Leadership, has led Innovation Philadelphia and its Board of Directors to re-evaluate the future direction of the organization and the role it can play in the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Economy of the Greater Philadelphia Region. As the Board performs this analysis , through research and communicating directly with key stakeholders and partners, the activities of IP will be managed by the Board.

As the founding CEO and a Board member, who has remained on the Board through its total history, I have been asked to serve as the Chairman of the IP Board to lead the organization through this transition. The Board will determine what the potential future role of IP could be in Philadelphia. This evaluation will require significant dialogue and outreach to all our partners and supporters, as well as patience.

The IP Board appreciates your understanding of this transition and hopes that you will communicate with us any comments or suggestions that may contribute in formulating the future direction of IP. We will keep you updated on the progress of our evaluation and recommendations. Please contact me or the other members of the Board with any comments you may have.

Best Regards,
Rich Bendis
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Chairman of the Board
Founder, President and CEO, Innovation America