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Click to EnlargeSAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK - It's not easy to attract investment these days - entrepreneurs must show both that they have a product that's needed and that there's a market willing to buy that product.

So says Richard Bendis, president and chief executive of Philadelphia-based Innovation America, who was in Saint John last week to speak at a meeting on the provincial energy hub. Bendis began his career in the private sector and is an experienced venture capitalist. The public/private organization he now heads advocates economic development based on innovation, something Bendis is passionate about.

The Telegraph-Journal sat down with Bendis who shared his thoughts on what entrepreneurial ventures - in particular those based on emerging technologies related to a "cluster" like the so-called energy hub here in New Brunswick - need to be successful.

"In the past, it used to be that if you could prove that you had proof of concept, you might be able to get some private-sector capital," Bendis says.

But with the economic crisis, he says, it's become more difficult for entrepreneurs to find money at an early stage.

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Author: Christine Dobby