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BWCollaboration can pay off, as Procter & Gamble shows, but only if companies jump in with both feet

Open innovation is a hot topic at almost every company that is serious about innovation. Why? Because the idea of combining internal and external resources to increase innovation productivity and prowess is just too good a value proposition to miss out on.

Nevertheless, I believe that only about 10% of all companies are adept enough at open innovation to get significant benefits. Another 30% have seen the light and are scrambling to make open innovation work and provide results that are worth the bother. I call them contenders. The other 60% are pretenders—companies that don't really know what open innovation is and why or how it could be relevant for them. Some might figure out how to follow the leaders one day, but today they're mostly going through the motions.

Open Innovation's Champs and Also-Rans - BusinessWeek