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Huffington PostWe need more political leaders like John F. Kennedy. He envisioned going to the moon and inspired the innovation to make it manifest.

I have got to be honest. I didn't have any idea of what an "innovation economy" had to do with me until yesterday. True, I don't cover business issues normally, sticking to what I know best, which is politics, with the primary focus of foreign policy. But when I was offered the opportunity to attend the Innovation Economy Conference held in Washington, D.C. yesterday, I jumped at the chance. (I tweeted the conference as well.) Because if ever there was a time we need some out of the box thinking on our economy this is it. The event, hosted by The Aspen Institute, Intel, Democracy (a journal of ideas), and The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, I went to check out, expecting to stay for a couple of hours, but ended up staying all day. I by no means caught every speech or break-out session, but what I did witness proved one thing to me. If the U.S. doesn't get moving we're going to be in even more serious trouble.

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