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NASVFThe membership of the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF) commends thoughtful application of lessons learned in modeling the Angel Investment Tax Credit legislation. We believe that tax credit for investing in qualified early stage companies is crucial to enhancing the local and regional entrepreneurial business environment. Clearly, Wisconsin Act 255, which provides tax incentive for investors in early stage companies, has helped to create a healthy angel community, which helps sustain that region’s innovative early-stage companies. Every effort should be made to take advantage of lessons learned from this legislation, in order to build effective tax policy that helps sustain local and regional economic improvement on a national basis.

We urge a comprehensive legislative initiative regarding angel investor tax credits, with specific attention to the areas of immediate behavioral reward, venture eligibility, and investment eligibility.

Rich Bendis and Innovation America fully support the NASVF position on this matter.

Original Article: Position statement: Angel Investor Tax Credit