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CTSIEntrants are encouraged to submit their applications prior to the February 12, 2010 deadline.  Participating companies to be matched with test and early adoption partners.

Entries for the Utility Technology Challenge, identifying the top commercial and near-commercial innovations in energy generation, management, and conservation, are already being received from companies worldwide.  The Utility Technology Challenge (UTC) is supported by organizations committed to the development and adoption of clean energy solutions, including the US Department of Energy, Austin Energy, Accenture, the City of Anaheim, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), National Grid and Lockheed Martin.  Managed by The Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI), the Utility Technology Challenge will give needed visibility to the companies that can make a short-term impact on our energy future.

"In our role as trusted advisor for more than 40 smart grid initiatives, Accenture has a strong appreciation for the value of collaboration," stated Sharon Allan, Accenture Smart Grid Services Executive.  "This encompasses the sharing of information, experience and insights between utilities and the citizens served by them, utilities and their technology providers, and utilities and the regulators and policy-makers who impact strategic decision-making.  It is for this reason that we embraced the opportunity to participate in the Utility Technology Challenge.  We believe that participation in this initiative offers many opportunities to both leverage lessons learned and to identify and test new technologies that can help the industry achieve its goal of a more sustainable energy future."

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