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Clint Brauer stands on his family's farm near Cheney with his laptop. He grew up in Haven and moved back to Kansas after living in California for more than a decade. He is  the managing editor of Cyberread, an e-book company.After more than 13 years in Los Angeles, Clint Brauer decided to come home. The Haven native and Kansas State graduate was able to get in on the dot-com boom of the 1990s and turn degrees in business marketing and advertising into a career in high-tech that's taken him from entry level to senior positions at companies such as USWeb, Universal Music Group, Sony and Fox Interactive.

But at 36, Brauer wanted a change in the pace of his lifestyle.

So the West Coast techie opted to come back to his home state and run his current venture,, an e-book company, from his hometown.

"L.A. was great. (But) L.A. is a hard place to truly relax because the bar is so high to do well there," Brauer said.

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