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Cursor and Polar Pacer Pro smartwatch includes an integrated barometer with wrist based running power Gadget Flow

Get the most out of your running routine with the Polar Pacer Pro runner’s smartwatch. This new-generation watch is ultra-light and comfortable to wear while you exercise. The Polar Pacer Pro uses advanced training features to help you improve your performance. It tracks your distance, pace, time, heart rate, calories burned, and more. Furthermore, it provides guidance throughout your run via audio and visual cues to help you achieve a personal best time or distance. Additionally, this powerful training watch includes a built-in barometer altimeter for accurate elevation readings when you’re outdoors. Finally, this GPS running watch has a sleek design that comes in various colors including Snow White and Midnight Blue. Choose the one that suits your style best! Overall, this gadget is great for all fitness levels as well as beginners just starting out with running or exercising in general. Impress yourself with what you can achieve!