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Founded by Rich Bendis

Join fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders, creative industry and technology professionals to participate in the Global Creative Economy Convergence Summit 2009, a two-day conference which promises to embrace the same values it champions:  innovation, creativity, collaboration, shared learning, technology and open source thinking.
Many conferences in the past have focused on defining the creative economy, measuring its size and identifying the industries comprising it. We will move from looking at the basic economic and social implications of the creative economy to delving into more complex discussions and calls to action.  The Summit will explore key questions that everyone has – how do you do it?  How do you develop a creative economy, from both the top down and the bottom up? What are the key elements, where are the pitfalls and who has been successful in making this happen?
The Summit will explore the complex ecology that makes up creative economies.  We will look at all aspects of what creative ecologies need from physical space, to funding, to access to talent, to emerging technologies, to infrastructure and the policies necessary to create that ecology.  We will explore how open source models of collaboration and innovation are changing the dynamics of organizations and how the next generation of leaders, both traditional and non-traditional, are making things happen in their communities. 

Changing economic times require new thinking and new imperatives. We believe that it is time to take the creative economy to the next level. Register at