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Smart Grid

Google recently extracted itself from the home energy management space when it killed PowerMeter, but that doesn’t mean the internet giant isn’t dabbling in smart grid.

Earlier this year, Google chose a community to receive its ultra-fast, one-gigabit-per-second broadband internet access. Despite the fact that Topeka, KS renamed itself “Google” for a day, the winner was Kansas City, KS, and a few months later its larger, better-known neighbor, Kansas City, MO, was also elected to receive the super fast service.

The announcement by Google touted the fact that the company will be working with the Kauffman Foundation and the University of Kansas Medical Center to develop gigabit applications, but there is also another winner: the utilities. The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities and Kansas City Power & Light will be able to leverage the superfast network for metering and potentially even distribution automation. After that, only the sky is the limit.


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