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altApplications accepted to fund as many as 15 existing clusters

Washington, D.C. - infoZine - The U.S. Small Business Administration announced the availability of funding to support economic development and job creation through existing regional clusters. As part of its Regional Cluster Initiative, SBA will accept proposals from local and regional cluster initiatives beginning July 7 for funding of up to $600,000 per cluster to support up to 15 projects across the country. Proposals should be submitted by the cluster’s coordinating entity.

SBA’s Regional Cluster Initiative focuses on accelerating small business growth and job creation through clusters that leverage and align a region’s economic, business and workforce assets. Regional clusters are networks of organizations and businesses in a geographic area that grow through increased collaboration, efficiency and innovation.

“Clusters bring together many businesses and organizations in a region to maximize the economic strengths of that region, enhancing its ability to compete on a national and global scale,” SBA Administrator Karen Mills said. “SBA is committed to providing both financial and technical assistance resources that can be a catalyst for accelerating a regional cluster’s viability and lead to sustainable economic growth and job creation.”

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Author: Staff infoZine