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Catherine V. Mott addresses Thursday’s forum in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo NewsAs fledgling companies try to take off, “angel” investors can play a pivotal role.

Angels are investors who provide funding to early-stage companies that have used up their initial financial support from friends and family members. Angels also cover the critical funding period before emerging companies attract support from venture capital firms.

The Buffalo Niagara region is trying to stimulate more angel investing activity by connecting the area’s pool of budding entrepreneurs with funding sources. A forum held Thursday was designed, in part, to expose angel investors to high-tech ventures that might be worth their dollars.

“It’s people self-identifying that they want to be part of the investment community,” said Marnie LaVigne, director of business development at the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, affiliated with the University at Buffalo.

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Author: Matt Glynn