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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.

All European Roads Lead Back to Skype

As eBay Inc. looks to offload Skype, the executives who sold the Internet telecom firm to eBay have formed the hub of a European network of investors and executives that they hope will rival and even exceed the one in Silicon Valley.

The sale of Skype to eBay for an estimated $3.3 billion in 2005 became renowned as one of Europe's great venture-capital successes, with more than half the sale price going to employees, according to estimates based on filings for the Securities and Exchange Commission and in Luxembourg. While those kinds of gains have been seen in Silicon Valley, ...

Patents: Horizontal vs Vertical Innovation

I am a long time opponent of patents and Intellectual Property rights (to a great part because of your work), but something always bothered me and that was the ‘innovation’ argument by the patent supporters. I could always see both the sides of the arguments, yet was never sure which side is right. I can see that without patents there is no incentive to develop a technology with a large investment, on the other hand, without patents, there is probably no need of a large investment.

Icelandic people turn towards more innovation | eNewsWire

Iceland’s economy may be struggling, but regular Icelanders are trying to find new ways to fend for themselves and their families. Innovation centres have been formed in many towns and the low value of the Icelandic krona helps exporting companies.

Some years ago, many firms in Iceland had to watch as the country’s largest banks literally sucked talent from them, with stellar salaries dwarfing those in regular companies.

When the Internet breaks, who ya gonna call? |

At this point, it’s hard to imagine life without the Internet, at least in the developed world. But buried underneath the breathtaking Web applications and streaming media that we use on a daily basis, the actual software that makes the Internet work is starting to show its age.

As recent events have demonstrated all too clearly, the Internet is especially vulnerable to deliberate attacks. Massive networks of hijacked computers, known as “botnets,” can be used to deluge target websites with enough traffic to essentially shut them down, much as a radio station running a call-in contest will have a constantly busy phone number. These attacks succeed, at least partially, because they are able to exploit weaknesses in the existing Internet protocols.


Decrease in state funding offset by federal economic stimulus spending

August 24, 2009 - pjmathison today released its 2009-10 Pennsylvania State Government Technology Investment Forecast, which provides advanced details on more than $2.0 billion in upcoming tech-related consulting, procurement and economic development spending by PA state government for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2009.

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Video Takes Behind-the-Scenes Look at Economic Bloggers

Some of the country's most widely read economic bloggers share their insights in a newly released video produced by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Economic Bloggers and the Renewal of Entrepreneurial Capitalism , offers the experts' perspectives on the business of blogging, traces the steps leading to the economic meltdown, and gives their views on the role innovation and entrepreneurship will play to lift the global economy out of recession.

U.S. Education Secretary Briefs Stakeholders on 'Investing in Innovation Fund' at Symposium held by ACT, Inc. and America's Choice

As staggering statistics continue to evidence American students' lack of preparedness for college and careers, ACT, Inc. and America's Choice convened the Superintendents' Symposium Series today to introduce district superintendents from across the United States to practical solutions for increasing student college and career readiness. Both the not-for-profit organization ACT and America's Choice are national leaders in college readiness and school improvement.

Sparxoo Top 5: You Might Be an Entrepreneur If...

“Our focus is now on entrepreneurship and innovation as opposed to industry attraction in the old-line sectors,” said Jeff Kaczmarek, president of the Economic Development Corporation in an interview with the New York Times. “In times of economic distress, it’s small business and entrepreneurs who lead the way out of these recessionary periods.”

Posts about venture capital as of August 22, 2009 | Geekfluence

How entrepreneurs finance their company is one of the most critical decisions that they will make during the course of their startup. The structure of their financing will be one of the key drivers of the financial return from their venture.There are financing structures for companies that have small potential and structures for companies that have big potential. There is not a one-size fits all strategy for capitalizing a company.Read the entire post