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Creative team 2021 09 02 03 15 29 utc

I’m one of the founders of Passbase. As is the case with many other entrepreneurs out there, we believe that our vision is bold. We aim to create a future that is secure, privacy-focused, and efficient at the same time; we want to help people regain control of their personal data while simultaneously solving the trust issues businesses face with regard to customer identity.  

We know that while the trust-privacy paradox is difficult to solve, it lies at the heart of a secure digital future. We’ve begun our journey by helping businesses improve identity verification and compliance through smarter ID checks, facial recognition, and database access.


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A young man and girl looks at the starry sky retr 2022 03 07 08 22 23 utc

The Hubble Space Telescope is used to study all sorts of astronomical objects, from distant galaxies to strange exoplanets, and sometimes even planets here in our solar system. But its latest discovery isn't related to a star, a galaxy, or a planet: instead, it's a comet. And not just any comet – it has spotted the largest icy comet nucleus seen to date, according to the official Hubble website.


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A teacher writes on a whiteboard to explain William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet during an English lesson. Now AI could help trainee teachers identify struggling students, say researchers (Ben Birchall/PA)

Artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to mark the work of trainee teachers who are trying to identify pupils with potential learning difficulties, a study suggests.

Researchers said it could be an “effective substitute” when personal feedback is not readily available.

In a trial, 178 German trainee teachers were asked to assess six fictionalised pupils to decide whether they had learning difficulties such as dyslexia or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and to explain their reasoning.

Image: A teacher writes on a whiteboard to explain William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet during an English lesson. Now AI could help trainee teachers identify struggling students, say researchers (Ben Birchall/PA)

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Question mark on white background.

There’s been talk of a slowdown in venture funding recently, with TechCrunch looking at it from different angles, including the fintech sector, a PitchBook report and even earlier on how startups should prepare in case it happens.

If that slowdown comes, however, it could happen slowly, given that our inboxes are filled with news about newly raised venture funds. In just the past two weeks, we reported that firms are sitting on a bunch of money and continue to raise.


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New entrepreneurs are always looking for a shortcut in getting their venture story and plan across to investors, and closing on the funding they need. An effective tool I see used more and more, as a prelude to a more detailed business plan, is the Business Model Canvas, first introduced by Alexander Osterwalder back in 2008. It forces you to bridge the gap between idea and execution.


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Human like robot and artificial intelligence 2022 01 06 00 25 53 utc

Although AI has become central to sales discourse, we must remember that well-designed AI runs quietly and effectively in the background. The complexity of the algorithms must only be known to the data scientists and machine learning engineers who work to design and deliver these complex systems. This is because the star of the show is not AI, but the gains it delivers in the ways we work and deliver impact.


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International space station 2021 08 26 22 59 32 utc

NASA has hailed the three-way partnership with Axiom and SpaceX as a key step towards commercializing the region of space known as "Low Earth Orbit," leaving the agency to focus on more ambitious voyages deeper into the cosmos.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the Crew Dragon capsule Endeavor docked at 1229 GMT Saturday and the crew entered the space station nearly two hours later, after launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Friday.


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This Technology Turns Regular Excavators Into Autonomous Robots autoevolution

“Building the robots that build the world” is more than a catchy slogan. It’s an innovative concept that could really transform not just constructions but other related fields as well. Technology has advanced so much that there’s no need to spend money and time on developing robotic construction machines from scratch. This unique system turns excavators into robots instantly.


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Taking decisions for the future 2021 08 26 22 29 58 utc

Successful people, and successful companies, tend to follow a similar path: The changes they make from year to year seem orderly, but over decades, the changes can take on an unexpected, nonlinear shape.

For example, I began my career as an entry-level analyst at Deloitte. Now I run a thriving growth-coaching business. The leap directly from one to the other seems absurd, and looking back, I couldn’t have foreseen or planned it. But broken down into smaller steps, it makes sense: One job led to another, and an opportunity here created a logical new opportunity there. This is the magic of uncertainty: Our paths are forged in satisfying but unknowable ways.

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8 Post LinkedIn

This is a 100-year-old parking assist technology using the spare tyre as a fifth wheel. In the 1930s, Brooks Walker filed a patent for the system you will see below -- a hydraulically assisted parking system. It uses a hydraulic ram to lift your car, by way of the spare tire. Then, the spare-tyre-turned-park-assist powers your car into a parking space.


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