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71 year-old Pavlo, blacksmith from Lugansk, opened his workshop in the Kharkiv region. Photo: UNDP Ukraine

The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has not only disrupted everyday life in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk but also led to staggering unemployment. Out of 23 major enterprises in Luhansk region, 19 are currently not operating, while half of the enterprises in the Donetsk region have lost about 950,000 jobs.

Supporting employment is challenging in the best of circumstances and far more so in conflict situations.

Image: 71 year-old Pavlo, blacksmith from Lugansk, opened his workshop in the Kharkiv region. Photo: UNDP Ukraine -

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Dr. Mary C. McDonald

“There’s something in the water.” I often heard that expression when someone referenced a widespread occurrence, the cause of which was puzzling or unexplainable. But if it’s Memphis water, I know what is in it: the soul of an entrepreneur.

In Memphis, for whatever reason, entrepreneurship grows in abundance. Memphis is a land of opportunity for anyone with a good idea and the work ethic to back it up. And now, there is even documentation to prove and celebrate it.


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TORONTO , April 12, 2017 /CNW/ - The Calgary startup community received a funding boost from investors today. GE Canada (GE), GE Ventures, BDC Capital and Ryerson Futures Inc. announced the ZSC Seed Accelerator Fund during BDC's Canadian Corporate Innovation Summit. The fund will help companies in Zone Startups Calgary (ZSC), an accelerator that drives growth of startups in the industrial internet of things, cybersecurity and energy sectors, on their paths to commercialization.


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5 Ways to Carve Out More Creative Time for Yourself

On this episode, Entrepreneur Network partner Natalie MacNeil explains why it's impossible to be an entrepreneur without being creative -- if you can't come up with an interesting solution to an old problem, you'll never make it in the business world. However, too many people get caught up in the daily grind to make time for creativity. So, with that in mind, MacNeil gives her five best tips for staying organized and making sure you don't ignore one of the most important parts of entrepreneurship.

Image: - from video

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Lisa Unwin

It started as a whisper. Back in 2008, Goldman Sachs, which originally coined the term returnships, began a high-level, paid internship program for professionals returning to the workforce after an extended absence, with the opportunity for a permanent role. The participants were mostly women who had dropped out to raise children and now wanted to restart their careers.

Image: Lisa Unwin is cofounder of U.K.-based She’s Back, which helps women build careers with a focus on work–family balance and advises companies on how to attract and retain more women.  -

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morning run

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that you learn how to perform at your peak efficiency. This means that you need to set the stage for a successful business day — every day. This means it’s all about developing habits that allow you to settle into a routine and accomplish more. It doesn’t mean working more. It’s about using your time to build meaning in your life while setting the stage to be successful in business as well.


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Sleep is critical for high performance. Deep down, everybody knows this. But, it tends to be the first thing neglected during busy, high-stress periods. People require quality sleep—especially entrepreneurs, who need that one-percent edge to beat the competition.


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In coming years, the millennial generation will be poised to take over the C-suite from baby boomers. But what kind of leaders will they turn out to be? A new report sheds light on the leadership styles of millennials, and debunks some stereotypes. It turns out they are more like the older generation than originally thought, and the current differences are mainly due to the life stage that they are in, according to “Divergent Views/Common Ground: The Leadership Perspectives of C-Suite Executives and Millennial Leaders,” a report by The Conference Board, RW2 Enterprises and Development Dimensions International.


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AURP is requesting nominations for the 2017 Board of Directors. All research park members in good standing may nominate themselves, or others, for service on the Board. Board service is for an initial term of three years, with a maximum of two three-year terms allowed.   

We encourage all research park members of AURP to consider serving on the Board. AURP is poised for a bright future as the science and technology sector is undergoing dramatic growth and research parks are key to supporting that growth.  


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At some point in nearly every startup founder's journey, he or she will wonder whether to apply to join an accelerator. It's an idea worth pondering. The funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities some accelerators can provide have proven key to the success of countless startups in Silicon Valley and beyond. Moreover, for first-time entrepreneurs especially, gaining acceptance into an accelerator provides validation that all the time you've poured into building an idea from scratch might actually pay off.


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WASHINGTON, April 12, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) today announced it will launch an 11-state, 15-stop road tour led by the SBA's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, with participation from 11 other federal agencies. This will be the third year of the SBA-led National Innovation Road Tour.

"The last two years of the SBA Road Tour have been a huge success and we've engaged thousands of small innovative firms across the nation, so we are excited to bring back the tour for a third year," said John Williams, SBA Director of Innovation and Technology. 


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