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Millennials get a bad rap. From labels including “lazy,” “ungrateful” and “entitled,” these 20- and 30-somethings can’t catch a break.

“Millennial bashing” has basically become a national pastime. Maybe that’s because millennials are more active, vocal and visible online, as the first generation to fully utilize social media in their everyday lives. Or instead, maybe it’s because people underestimate the real challenges millennials face. Just take a look at student debt today.


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arrows turning

Education policy in Australia has many emerging issues it must contend with, not least of which is the imminent collision between an ageing population and rapidly changing workplaces driven by technological advancement. While there is no sure trajectory as to how all of this will play out over the coming decades, it is predicted that people will live longer lives, and some may have careers that span 50-60 years.


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Piyuesh Modi

The human brains are extremely capable. You must have come across articles which tell about how less we perform when compared to what we are capable of. Humans have made systems and processes that run the world, well most part of it, today. But that always means our brilliant brains have certain limitations too. A good example of this would be the biases we are subjected to without much of our control. Biases are genuine limitations in our thinking and reasoning processes. It is most certainly not connected to how smart or stupid a person is.


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KKR Warburg Pincus TPG lead new look VC deals PitchBook

Over the past handful of days, three of the biggest names in private equity have led investments worth a combined $170 million that don't look very much like private equity at all. Instead, KKR, Warburg Pincus and TPG Capital are continuing to make more and more forays into the world of venture capital.

KKR announced on Monday that it has led a $57 million Series B investment in Clarify Health Solutions, a developer of tech designed to guide healthcare for physicians, health systems and patients. The startup raised $5 million at a $22.8 million valuation a little less than two years ago.


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Linda Lavelle
Director of Knowledge Management, Johnson & Johnson

Linda leads the Johnson & Johnson efforts to accelerate the evolution and growth of the SC Knowledge Network ecosystem including her ongoing responsibility for the Fast Track Ideas core working group in rapidly deploying the Fast Track Idea Management System across Supply Chain. As Fast Track Ideas is based upon the Spigit platform, Linda was recently appointed to the Spigit Inc Customer Advisory Board.

Image: Linda Lavelle Director of Knowledge Management, Johnson & Johnson

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Despite the $15 billion companies spend annually on managerial and leadership development, bad bosses are common in the American workforce.  A study by Life Meets Work found that 56% of American workers claim their boss is mildly or highly toxic. A study by the American Psychological Association found that 75% of Americans say their “boss is the most stressful part of their workday.”


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Prizes are a powerful spur to innovation and breakthroughs Financial Times

The days when businesses could succeed with innovation without partnering are pretty much gone.

Years ago, the idea of a technology conglomerate like Google and an automaker like Honda working in the same space would have seemed farfetched. Nevertheless, this is happening today in the race to build the self-driving car. This is just one example of a major shift in the market landscape – companies in diverse sectors are teaming up, dipping into the same talent pools and working on various sides of the same innovation efforts. 


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business women

Women-led start-ups are on the rise as female entrepreneurs emerge to be successful. Contrary to assumptions, women are proving to be equally effective if not even better at running and operating companies.

But research highlights that women entrepreneurs still struggle in terms of securing funding compared to their male counterparts.


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U S News says it has shifted rankings to focus on social mobility but has it

For years, critics of the college rankings of U.S. News & World Report have said that they reward prestige and wealth. The institutions that are always on the top of the rankings -- places like Harvard, Princeton and Stanford Universities -- enroll students who are destined to succeed, the critics say. It should be no surprise (and not worthy of praise) that the students then do well.


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The Quest to Conquer Earth s Space Junk Problem Scientific American

On Monday 2 July, the CryoSat-2 spacecraft was orbiting as usual, just over 700 kilometres above Earth’s surface. But that day, mission controllers at the European Space Agency (ESA) realized they had a problem: a piece of space debris was hurtling uncontrollably towards the €140-million (US$162-million) satellite, which monitors ice on the planet.

As engineers tracked the paths of both objects, the chances of a collision slowly increased—forcing mission controllers to take action. On 9 July, ESA fired the thrusters on CryoSat-2 to boost it into a higher orbit. Just 50 minutes later, the debris rocketed past at 4.1 kilometres a second.


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The market has never been more fertile for the next big thing than it is now. Yet the competition is stiff and achieving success is a challenge. So how can you approach your big idea the right way and attain your goals?

Randy Komisar was the cofounder of Claris, the CEO of LucasArts, and senior counsel for Apple. He's the author of several books including The Monk and The Riddle, and Getting to Plan B. Currently, he teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford University and is a general partner at the legendary venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins.


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Mark Kaufman

Edie Widder sat quietly in the dark for half an hour.

All around her, critters floated and glided by as she peered through the thick glass bubble of a submersible, perched on a rocky ledge nearly 2,000 feet under the sea. 

Everywhere, the creatures glowed.

"It was like an incredible starfield sky," said Widder, the marine scientist who famously attracted a legendary giant squid to the same deep sea submarine, six years earlier. "It was all of these little frothy lengths of luminescence that lit up all around us, and above us."


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