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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.

The Nation’s C.T.O. Woos Silicon Valley by Ashlee Vance

Aneesh Chopra, the nation’s first chief technology officer, wants to make a very dear friend of Silicon Valley.

Mr. Chopra took his initial step on that quest on Tuesday night, when he addressed Silicon Valleyites during a stump speech hosted by the Churchill Club at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. He delivered the expected lines about the government trying to work better with industry and used phrases like “blogs and wikis,” “collaboration” and “visualizations” to get across the point that the Obama administration has mastered Valley buzzwords.

India to have certified technology commercialization specialists

Consultancy Development Centre ( CDC ) has launched a project for training and certification of Technology Commercialization Specialists in the country. As part of this project around 200 experts/specialists/consultants will be trained on various aspects of technology commercialization, beginning with technology assessment to technology transfer, leading to mass manufacturing.

The proposed training process will expose the pool of experts and scientist/engineers from R&D Institutions to commercialization process for few model technologies having potential for commercialization. The training process will also deal with various aspects of technology Commercial viability; organizational set up; transfer process; technology transfer package; legal issues for commercialization; field support and marketing technology/products/solutions.

Bring Different Innovation to Washington by Aaron Brazell

few weeks ago, I received a call from my friend Robert Neelbauer at about 11 pm. He wanted to talk about innovation and technology startups in DC. For those who live around here, you know there’s not a lot of them. Mostly project-type things that entrepreneurs who work day jobs have cooking. And of course, even though DC is home to Launchbox Digital an accelerator program in the order of Techstars or Ycombinator, there remains a dearth of Silicon Valley style startups.

Small Business Administration chief: 'We're the popular kid' by Emily Maltby

NEW YORK ( -- The economy is showing signs of revival, but in the small business trenches, companies are still struggling. Sales are down, credit is tight, and the tally of laid-off workers keeps growing. Leading the federal government's effort to shore up Main Street businesses is Karen Mills, now four months into her job heading the Small Business Administration.

Getting attention at the highest levels in Washington isn't a problem, Mills said in a recent interview with CNNMoney: "The world has changed, and everyone has realized that it is small businesses that are going to drive the economy and the recovery," Mills said. "We're the popular kid at the dance."

Innovation Is America's Key to the Future by Tudor Vieru

President Barack Obama reasserted his trust in science as the only means of averting future economic crises in his radio address on Saturday, saying that long-term investments in research were the only things that could ensure a sustainable and strong economy. Results will not be visible right away, and the fact that average citizens, and indeed investors too, want to see immediate results and returns for their money only hinders innovation. Some important research projects get little funding precisely because they could take ten to 20 years to complete, and few people are willing to take that investment risk upon themselves.

“We need to recapture the spirit of innovation that has always moved America forward. That means once again having the best-educated, highest skilled workforce in the world. That means a health care system that makes it possible for entrepreneurs to innovate and businesses to compete without being saddled with skyrocketing insurance costs,” Obama said on his radio address.

Forum held to drive green innovation and commercialization Editor: Wang Guanqun

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- A two-day Green Tech Connect Forum was held from Monday to Tuesday in Pasadena, California to help drive green innovation and commercialization in the United States.

It is the first time the South Coast Air Quality Management District has ever hosted such a forum to help establish a partnership between green tech developers and investors.

Who Will Match Ontario’s $250M Emerging Technologies Matching Fund?

It’s official, the Ontario’s Emerging Technologies Fund (ETF) is now open for business. This $250-million fund will co-invest into companies in high-growth sectors such as clean technology, life sciences and advanced health technology and digital media and information and communications technology. Co-investments are made along with qualified venture capital funds and other private investors. For more information see

Venture-Backed IPOs Still On Hold, But There’s Promise by The Wall Street Journal

In a six-week period between May 20 and July 1, four venture capital-backed companies managed to price their initial public offerings, quite a feat considering none had done so in the previous nine months. All four priced at or above the high end of expectations and now trade higher than their pricings.

Sensing the urgency to catch the market while it’s hot (relatively speaking), some venture capital firms have scrambled to get some of their best candidates in shape to file for an IPO, several investment bankers say.