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As we look forward to a New Year , it is also important to reflect on some of the highlights of 2009 that we can build on. Today's innovation DAILY is a special issue that features the most popular articles from  (iD) in 2009. We thank you for your loyal following and hope that you will continue to enjoy our focus on Global trends on Innovation in the new year. We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have to improve our content and hope you share our newsletter with your friends and networks.

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BusinessWeekDon't get bogged down in a price war or a race to imitate a rival's product. Redefine your market instead, says entrepreneur-academic Richard Mammone

The nuthatch and brown creeper are different bird species that look a lot alike and eat insects in the same wooded areas in North America. You might think they compete, but they don't. In accordance with a common arrangement in nature that ecologists call the competitive-exclusion principle, the brown creeper starts searching for insects at the bottom of a tree while the nuthatch starts from the top.

Entrepreneurs can learn from this evolutionary process, which unfortunately isn't very common in the business world. Business competitors will normally compete in a death match unless one finds a new market niche or a new process to address the existing market. The best strategy is to invest a modest amount of energy into an innovation, as the nuthatches did in moving to the higher branches. To start the innovation process that could lead to such a breakthrough, entrepreneurs should perform a detailed competitive analysis.
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Washington PostIf you step back and look at the big economic policy issues-- health care, financial regulation, immigration, education reform, the budget deficit -- they appear to boil down to one fundamental question: What is the best trade-off between fairness, stability and social cohesion on the one hand and disruptive and growth-inducing innovation on the other?

At its most simplistic level, this debate plays itself out as the choice between big government and small government, between regulation and deregulation, between European-style socialism and Anglo-American free-market capitalism. The one side takes its intellectual roots from Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes and the recently departed Paul Samuelson, the other from Adam Smith, Friedrich von Hayek, Joseph Schumpeter and Milton Friedman.
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Life Science LeaderThe pharmaceutical industry is at a transformational moment. The financial returns once realized will be tougher to repeat. With fewer FDA approvals, diminishing pipelines, and a decaying blockbuster business model, the imperative to adopt new growth strategies is paramount.

But for large pharma companies, there’s a host of questions about what these future growth strategies should be.
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Paul SloanPeople will not follow an unenthusiastic leader. They will follow someone who has a vision and is passionate about it. Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela showed great passion for what they believed – it was what made them great leaders.

The sales training expert Robin Fielder says, ‘Never, ever forget that people are more persuaded by your convictions than by your arguments.’
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BBCAdvice on using "tough love" to motivate children to find a job and leave home after university is being issued to parents by the government.

The guide from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills admits graduates could find things difficult in the current financial climate.

It warns against nagging but also against being "too supportive".
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GartnerAs 2009 draws to a close, it’s a good time to review what has transpired and anticipate the year ahead. We humans seem to place particular significance in years that end in “0” which is why the advent of 2010 feels a little special. Or maybe we are anxious to leave behind some of the more tiresome issues that have occupied our attention and get on to some shiny new topics.

The economic challenges of the recent past have rekindled interest in innovation. I’m hoping that the work companies have done this year to increase their capacity to innovate will “stick.” For those brave folks, I’d like to share a list of 10 Innovation Proverbs for Leaders written by Joyce Wycoff, author and InnovationNetwork Co-Founder.
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Top 30 BlogsOver the past year, I have been scouring the Internet for resources to help me grow my businesses. It is quite refreshing to discover and learn from others and hear stories from fresh perspectives, rather theory out of a book. Of course there are many ways to build a businesses and while many are figuring it out, the way we communicate is evolving right in front of our eyes. With the ammunition of a blog and a Flip cam, we are seeing many young entrepreneurs becoming prominent voices and in some cases niche leaders while building profitable businesses. In months and years not decades.
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Silicon Valley InsiderWhen designers start a new Web site, they often sketch out a first idea of the page layout using paper and stencil.

Designers call this sketch a "wireframe."'s Antonio Lupetti collected 10 beautiful examples of wireframes.
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Entrepreneur CornerAs we mentioned in a recent column, 2009 wasn’t as bad as advertised for the venture capital industry. The first half of the year was rocky; however, growth stormed back in the latter half of 2009. The 2010 IPO and M&A markets are shaping up to be the strongest in years and early- and mid-stage venture capital firms with cash have good reason to be optimistic.

Normal consolidation occurred in our industry this year. A number of prominent firms went quiet or declined to raise new funds. As the capital markets thaw a bit more in the coming months, we expect the strongest of these firms to reemerge, though probably in scaled-down fashions. Others will manage their current investments to fruition and new funds and models will be born.
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LookingThere are lots of ways to tell the world about scientific discoveries. The Ontario Innovation Trust has done it with a beautiful legacy report: Using our Heads: Building Ontario’s economy through research showcases some of the best recent research and discoveries that have happened right here in Ontario.

Not only does the book include feature articles about leading Ontario scientists and Q and A’s with some of this province’s most innovative leaders—it’s also spectacularly illustrated by 23 talented artists, painters and graphic designers and (perhaps best of all) it can be yours for the low, low price of zero dollars.
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