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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.


Energy companies and analysts spend a lot of time gazing into metaphorical crystal balls. Oil investments can cost billions, for example; investors, for their part, want to place winning bets.  McKinsey has its own in-house seer, a think-tank known as the McKinsey Global Institute, which recently came out with a big report on a big subject:  the future of global resources.

Image: photo credit: National Science Foundation

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Region’s most active pre-seed fund has helped startups create nearly 1,000 jobs since 2007 Four local startups will receive a combined $175,000 from Innovation Fund Northeast Ohio, the region’s most active pre-seed fund for technology startups. The companies will use awards between $25,000 and $100,000 to complete specific projects that will bring their technologies closer to market, preparing them to raise more funding, launch new products, and create jobs.

With the new investments, the Innovation Fund has awarded $11.7 million to 178 local technology startups since it started accepting applications in July 2007.


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You thought the Shark Tank was tough? The second annual BioHealth Capital Region Crab Trap is now accepting applications!

Submit your application for a chance to be named the company with the most commercial potential at the BioHealth Capital Region Forum.

Deadline for entries is March 31st - Finalists will be announced by April 7th


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TechStars rejects 98% of all applications.

Is there a strategy for raising your odds of getting into TechStars?

The short answer is yes.

Watch this 1 minute 22 second video on how Nevin Shetty, CEO of Blueprint Registry, bootstrapped to validation, traction in fact, before applying.


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Considering how Germany anchors a European continent plagued by high unemployment and slow growth, its labor market is on fire. The number of unemployed has been halved over the past decade. With just 2.6 million people out of work, the German unemployment rate has declined to 5.9%. The country’s exports reached nearly $1.3 trillion in 2016. That’s roughly, and remarkably, half of Germany’s GDP, amounting to about 9% of world exports that year.


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Digitization is transforming how companies in every industry go to market, interact with customers, and carry out their operations. The digital transformation required, however, is complex, time consuming, and expensive, and it affects every aspect of the enterprise. So it’s essential that companies actively plan and monitor their digital investments in order to get their money’s worth out of the effort.


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AUSTIN, Texas — For a generation of school kids, Bill Nye is zany and fun-loving, “America’s favorite scientist.’’

A mostly flattering new documentary about the science educator, author, and mechanical engineer, which premiered here Sunday at the South by Southwest festival, chronicles how Nye drew inspiration from Carl Sagan as well as how he sparred with creationists and climate change deniers.


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With the New Year well and truly upon us, expansion plans for 2017 may be on the minds of many startup founders.

But growth requires funding, and funding requires convincing someone to hand over their hard-earned capital. Even an idea that puts Facebook to shame won’t attract funding if its commercialisation can’t be explained in a simple, compelling, and realistic manner.

And the reality is that your average angel investor probably receives hundreds of startup pitches every single year. These are often from hopeful entrepreneurs who have interesting ideas with at least some commercial potential.


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Not sure what career path to take? Looking for a career switch? Whatever the reason, it’s helpful to know what some of today’s top paying jobs are.

Examining salary reports of employees around the country, Glassdoor recently released its list of the 25 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2017.


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It’s fair to say we’ve entered a new era in biotech and pharma. Whether it’s diagnostics, drug development or medtech; informatics, mathematics and machine learning are marching their way in. Biology is being digitized. Big Data is taking population-wide information and distilling it down for treatment plans at an individualized scale.


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For the past 16 years, we've studied the background of incoming CEOs at the world's largest 2,500 public companies as part of the annual Strategy& CEO Success study. Take this quiz to assess your immediate chances, based on the data we've collected, of becoming a chief executive in your chosen industry.


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