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Power and control impact family businesses, just like any other enterprise. What makes the inevitable power and control struggles even more complex in a family business are the family dynamics that play a significant role in decision-making and succession planning. If family dynamics are not centered on a shared purpose, the result is often organizational friction and low performance. A common mission, high-trust relationships, and effective decision-making can help to bolster family-business performance, especially in today’s uncertain business climate.


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Fundraising activity has stalled over the past few months as investors have remained uncertain around the path/timeline to recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the state of the market, as a principal at Bling Capital and the founder of a seed-stage venture capital firm, I have seen several founders who have successfully raised large checks at pre-coronavirus market prices.


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You are feeling feverish and have a cough. Is it just a cold, or is it covid-19? That’s a question that’s going to be hanging over all of us, possibly for several years.

Right now, getting tested for the coronavirus means going to a doctor or a drive-in clinic and potentially exposing other people, and even then, a test can be hard to obtain. The US Centers for Disease Control is still telling people that if their symptoms are mild, they should simply stay at home.


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Open now? Open later? As debate rages about restarting economies, one critical element is absent from discussion. The predictor of our success or failure will have less to do with when businesses open their doors and more to do with how often people open their mouths. Decades of research suggest that the heart of a high reliability culture is immediate peer accountability.


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COVID Will Shape the Class of 2020 for Their Entire Lives Time

They call it commencement because it’s supposed to be a new beginning.

College graduation is one of life’s last clean transitions, a final passage from adolescence to adulthood that is predictable in ways other transitions rarely are. Relationships end with breakups or death, jobs often end with quitting or firing, but college is one of the only things in life that ends with a fresh start. Except when it doesn’t.

Image: Photograph by Hannah Beier for TIME

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Healthcare organizations face a myriad of challenges as the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps across the United States. While all businesses face marked uncertainty and a risk of infection within their workforce, the direct delivery of care to Covid-19 patients introduces an additional and novel level of leadership complexity for the healthcare industry. Healthcare workers—doctors, nurses, medical assistants, environmental services, and others—face unprecedented stress, and with this maintaining the morale and safety of all involved in the delivery of healthcare has become the most important task. We have observed several recurring themes from organizations that are effectively managing through the Covid-19 crisis and summarize a few emerging leadership principles.


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The state of Michigan has approved $950,000 in funding for commercialization of technologies developed at the public university level.

In a series of the votes Tuesday, the board of the Michigan Strategic Fund approved the funds for the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization, or MTRAC, state program grant.

The funds will go to programs at Michigan State University MTRAC Agriculture-Biology Innovation Hub, Wayne State University MTRAC Advanced Computing Innovation Hub and Michigan Tech University MTRAC Advanced Materials Innovation Hub.


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Title III crowdfunding may be an attractive capital raising alternative during the current Coronavirus pandemic because it allows companies to use the internet to solicit potential investors and not be restricted to accredited investors. But some of the requirements under Regulation Crowdfunding may diminish its utility for issuers with urgent capital needs as a result of COVID-19. Recognizing this, the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 4 stepped up and issued temporary final rules relaxing certain timing and financial information requirements for offerings initiated under Regulation Crowdfunding between May 4 and August 31.


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As the world opens back up, even with COVID-19 in an unrelenting swing, one guideline is repeated again and again: Keep six feet of social distance. And this number makes us feel safe because it comes from the authorities. But this number is, according to a new study, inaccurate and flawed.


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Valerie Bauman

The most promising Covid-19 treatments and vaccines being explored right now were made possible by a little-known law that encourages licensing agreements between private pharmaceutical companies and government-funded researchers.

Treatments such as Gilead’s remdesivir, Ridgeback Biotherapeutics’ EIDD-2801 drug, and Moderna’s vaccine candidate were all achieved through public-private partnerships that didn’t exist before the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980.


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I was listening to Dan Primack’s podcast on Pro Rata and he was interviewing Senator Klobucher who is now publicly and vocally speaking out against Uber purchasing Grubhub and has tried to mobilize against this.

Her argument is that if Uber buys Grubhub (which itself once merged with Seamless) it would mean that Uber Eats / Grubhub would control half the market and that with DoorDash the two together would control 90% of the market. I think that’s a largely flawed fight to be picking and of all the uses of Senator Klobuchar’s I could think of some much more productive fights to be having.

Image: Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

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Banners and Alerts and Is a Pandemic the Right Time to Start a Business It Just Might Be The New York Times

In March, as small businesses across the country were shutting down amid the spreading coronavirus pandemic, Shanel Fields was about to open one up.

For Ms. Fields, the timing couldn’t have been better. Her company, MD Ally, allows 911 dispatchers and other responders to route nonemergency calls and patients to virtual doctors, to help local governments improve their emergency response systems.

Image: Shanel Fields launched MD Ally, a health care start-up in Philadelphia. She raised $1 million and recently signed up her first customer.Credit...Aaron Ricketts for The New York Times

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