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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.


Some countries have a work ethic that makes the US workweek look like a walk in the park.

The average US workweek is 38.6 hours long. That may feel like forever to some people, but it's nothing compared to some countries' workweeks. According to a 40-country annual survey by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the international average workweek was 36.8 hours in 2018. We looked at the OECD's Better Life Index to find out why workweeks were so long in some places, but not in others.


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Data presents an invaluable opportunity for firms to innovate, but only if they know what to do with it. In her latest research, Wharton professor of operations, information and decisions Lynn Wu looks at how different organizational structures influence the use of data analytics to spur innovation. Her paper, “Data Analytics Supports Decentralized Innovation,” is forthcoming in the journal Management Science and was co-authored by Wharton operations, information and decisions professor Lorin Hitt and Wharton doctoral candidate Bowen Lou. Wu spoke with [email protected] about the research. (Listen to the podcast at the top of this page.)


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European tech continues to grow and grow while spreading more evenly across the continent. Dealroom data shows the number of European unicorns founded outside of the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden quickly increasing and even smaller towns are seeing early-stage activity pick up. It’s fair to say that the next great European company can come from anywhere, and is more likely than ever to not come from one of the more established hubs. VCs need to adapt to this new reality.

Image: American tourists trying to not get lost in Europe’s startup ecosystems

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Alexandria has been at the vanguard of Seattle's growing commercial life science ecosystem since entering the Seattle market in 1996 and is committed to developing a new, vibrant and connected campus to accelerate the discovery and delivery of novel innovations; create quality construction, life science and technology jobs; provide critical funds to address homelessness initiatives; activate the neighborhood; and help fulfill the company's mission to advance human health


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Some members of Colorado’s red-hot startup scene could soon receive a boost from an international nonprofit that claims to have helped more than 1,200 companies grow around the globe.

Endeavor Colorado was officially launched Monday on the Denver Startup Week main stage in Skyline Park. It’s the state’s own wing of an organization dedicated to finding entrepreneurs at the helm of companies with strong potential to improve the economic and social fortunes of their communities and connecting those leaders with mentors, funders and other resources to turn their businesses into market-shaping forces.


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As far as I can remember, my sister has always been very hardworking and dedicated. However, this year something amazing happened, she finally succeeded in making her marketing and advertisement company properly established.

It was quite a long journey and there was something that I learned from her that I will be sharing in the blog here.


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Alison Coleman

With assignments, classes, and exams to focus on, you’d think starting a business in college would be the last thing on a student’s mind. Yet more and more of them are finding ways to combine their studies with becoming an entrepreneur.

There are challenges. The key to building a successful startup is speed, and a full time college education makes that difficult. Striking the right balance between business and studying also means saying no to clubs, organizations and social events, and to hanging out with friends.


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Parts of Erie, Pennsylvania, can soon thank Opportunity Zones for free WiFi, even though the city itself was never guaranteed to see a dime of investment via the new federal tax incentive.

Image: Designated Opportunity Zones in Erie, Pennsylvania. (Map via

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To qualify as a country worthy of investment, certain standards must be met.

A World Bank Group report in 2011 highlighted four factors — the country's people, environment, relationships, and framework — that propel both individuals and corporations to invest in a given country's natural resources, markets, technologies, or brands.


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Manoj Jain

Being an entrepreneur is like being a mother. One has to be skilled in multiple ways to be ready to deal with most crisis situations. Ask any entrepreneur and they will be able to narrate a list of skills they have picked up on their journey to establish their business from a fledgling idea to a full blown profitable company. One’s success relies on their ability to adopt and implement the following five essential skills which are required to succeed as an entrepreneur:


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