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PASADENA, Calif. and DURHAM, N.C., June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (NYSE: ARE), an urban office REIT and the first, longest-tenured and pioneering owner, operator and developer uniquely focused on collaborative life science, technology and agtech campuses in AAA innovation cluster locations, today announced the winner of its inaugural $100,000 AgTech Innovation Prize that called on innovators with demonstrated novel approaches to agriculture-, food- and nutrition-related challenges, which are key to advancing human health. The prize was awarded to TerMir Inc., a North Carolina–based agtech company pioneering an innovative and environmentally safe treatment for citrus greening disease—one of the most devastating citrus diseases in the world. Citrus greening disease has resulted in a drop in citrus production and harvesting while driving up costs and job losses. In response to this presently incurable agricultural, environmental and economic challenge, TerMir has developed a cutting-edge and effective solution for breaking the greening cycle with the potential to eradicate the disease.


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When the going gets tough, it’s common for some corporate VCs to head for the hills.

Today, it’s a narrative that’s emerging again amid the COVID-19 crisis. Global corporate venture deals fell from a total of 580 in April/May of 2019 to 486 in the same period this year, according to Global Corporate Venturing.


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EU member states are still struggling to approve a list of “safe countries” from where travellers could visit Europe in July, with the issue now being put to a vote, diplomats said on Monday (29 June).

EU envoys on Friday agreed on a list of 14 countries to be confirmed by their national governments, with the United States, Brazil and Russia, where the coronavirus is still spreading, to remain excluded.

Image: Travelers wearing masks upon arrival at Palma de Mallorca Airport, which has been opened for travelers from most of Europe, Spain, 21 June 2020. (EPA-EFE/CATI CLADERA)

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The college admissions cycle that is (slowly) finishing for students entering in the fall has been unlike anything admissions officers have seen before. With campuses empty, colleges had to recruit admitted applicants without being able to do anything in person. A further complication was that most students applied before the pandemic but were asked to commit to a college as coronavirus spread. One way or another, the process is coming a close over the summer.


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Instead of bickering about the superiority of specialists or generalists, why not recognise that creative strategies involve trade-offs?

Innovation is considered to be a sport for interdisciplinary brokers and boundary spanners these days. However, contrary to trends in the business literature, creativity is not always developed through a broad network. For winners of the highest accolades, like the Nobel Prize or the Fields Medal, deep commitment to narrow questions and a thorough understanding of a particular topic are essential to push boundaries into new frontiers.


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Ruth Gotian

High achieving employees, those who routinely blow benchmarks out of the water, can be the most productive colleagues, yet difficult to retain. While a higher salary might be their stated reason for their departure, the lack of mentorship and murky path to leadership should not be overlooked as the cause. 


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LONDON (Reuters) - Sovereign wealth funds have participated in $17 billion of venture capital deals so far this year, already more than the entirety of 2019, as their appetite for long-term investment appears undimmed by the coronavirus outbreak.

The investments are against a backdrop of a generally subdued deal-making environment across the venture capital industry in the aftermath of the pandemic.


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Coronavirus and Flu Season Could Be Devastating CDC Director Says TIME

Summer has just begun, but health officials are already warning Americans that the fall and winter months ahead will likely be challenging. Once flu season begins, the U.S. will have to worry about not one, but two contagious viruses.

“The real risk is that we’re going to have two circulating respiratory pathogens at the same time,” said Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during a TIME 100 Talks discussion with senior health writer Alice Park. “We know flu by itself can cause substantial morbidity and mortality and hospital utilization,” especially for elderly people and those who have underlying health conditions. With the new coronavirus wreaking devastation in these groups and others, “this could be really a very, very difficult situation.”

Image: - From Video

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Late last week, bank regulators gave financial markets and the financial services sector a badly needed shot in the arm. Contrasting the Federal Reserve’s restriction on dividend payments by U.S. banks, the FDIC and the OCC among other bank regulators (including the Federal Reserve) approved the roll-back of provisions to the Dodd-Frank Act (a.k.a. The Volcker Rule). In addition to reducing the amount of cash banks have to set aside as collateral against potential swap losses, it opened the door for them to invest in private equity funds (including venture capital) and credit funds. Flush with previously restricted cash and new investment mandates, this could signal a new era for the relationship between emerging FinTech companies and the financial institutions they count as clients and partners. 

Image: Can banks manage their regained investment rights responsibly? © 2016 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

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Paul Rothman, MD, CEO of Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins Medicine and dean of the medical faculty at Johns Hopkins University, discussed the health system's COVID-19 data platform and the potential for artificial intelligence to make a difference in how health systems approach treatment in the future in an interview with The Media Line.

Since the pandemic began, Johns Hopkins has gathered COVID-19 data and reported it on a public dashboard for cases and deaths in the U.S. and across the world. Dr. Rothman said the health system is using artificial intelligence and machine learning in its platform and aims to collaborate with others to incorporate data in the future.


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Most of the young entrepreneurs I know are classic proof of the old adage that people tend to overestimate what they can do in a short period, and underestimate what they can do over a long period. They become frustrated when they are unable to build their startup over a weekend, and give up way too soon when the path to real success seems to be interminable.


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Johnson Johnson Innovation Announces Launch of JLABS Shanghai in Collaboration with Shanghai

Families often turn to dietary supplements inspired by nature with ingredients such as Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc with the aim to help safely support their immune systems. A heightened awareness for the need to support your immune system throughout the year has resulted in an increased demand for products with immune-supporting and wholesome ingredients.*

To that end, we’re launching the Next in Naturals QuickFire Challenge on Immune-Support, calling on innovators to submit potential solutions inspired by nature that aim to support healthy immune systems in babies, children, or adults.

The innovator(s) with the best idea(s) will receive up to $50,000 in grant funding, one year of residency at an available JLABS, and the opportunity to engage with leadership from Johnson & Johnson Innovation.


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