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Early stage capital investments worldwide were hit hard by the financial crisis of 2009, but according to the Ohio Third Frontier, an unprecedented and bipartisan commitment to create new technology-based products, companies, industries and jobs, Ohio is bucking the international trend – increasing seed and early stage investments by 67 percent in 2008 while the nation declined 20 percent on average. Ohio’s current venture capital environment has experts and industry analysts optimistic that the state’s record of success will continue to grow throughout 2010 and beyond.

“In Ohio, there is a proven need for new capital, and that need will only increase in 2010,” said Dr. Michael Camp, academic director for the Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, and author of “2008 Ohio Venture Capital Report – Steady Focus in Uncertain Times.” “Overall investment nationally may decline for the next several years, but both public and private efforts in Ohio must continue to focus sharply on making the state’s portfolio companies highly attractive to follow-on capital if these positive results are to continue. Capital is the lifeblood of any business, and is a critical factor that often determines whether a great idea ever becomes reality.”

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Author: Kevin Wilson