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I still have an older version of the New York City version of Monopoly, which is quite fun to play.Alright, Hasbro, we get it. Monopoly is one of the best-selling board games of all time, but everyone’s got a copy by now. In fact, everyone’s probably got multiple copies right now, thanks to the proliferation of Monopoly boards by city, sports team or TV show (I just bought Mayor West’s Mansion!). The first non-standard version I purchased was an early Boston version that wasn’t great quality, but a couple of years later, I got a New York one that rivaled the quality of the standard Hasbro version.

On the opposite end, some trials have been made with raising the price of property values to make more sense in a 2000s society, doing a World Edition featuring properties from all over, not just Atlantic City, and the tech twist of allowing the game to be your banker electronically. Of course, various electronic versions have appeared over the years, everywhere from the computer to the iPhone. I loved playing the computer player on the Palm version back in the day.

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Author: Josh O'Connell