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Echogen Power SystemsIt’s that time of year, the State of the Union/State time of year. And while I won’t give you a State of JumpStart address here, it’s become obvious to me that:

The State of Cleantech In Northeast Ohio is booming.

Echogen Power SystemsThe Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, visited a JumpStart Ventures portfolio company yesterday, rexorce thermionics (in the process of changing its name to Echogen Power Systems). Aside from the company’s accomplishments including the installation of its commercial pilot for its heat engine and the creation of 20 engineering jobs, the Governor was visiting because it’s the perfect example of the growth of the cleantech sector in Ohio. A few other examples showing this is real growth, not just rhetoric, from The 2009 Venture Capital Report for the Cleveland Plus Region:

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Author: Cathy Belk