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Creating and ConsumingONE OF THE MOST PROACTIVE means of developing the smart economy is starting to unfold between the Clonmel Chamber of Commerce and Tipperary Institute. It looks simple on one level because all you would see is a casual networking session between creative students and curious business owners. But underneath today's two-hour meet-up in Baker's Bar, several creative multimedia students were doing a sanity check of a hyperlocal project. The end result is relatively simple: to produce a series of 80-second internet-ready video clips about Tipperary. Underneath the surface, we're testing a premise of "breakthrough creativity" as we seek out the headwaters of truly innovative ideas. Gabriela Avram first alerted me to the concept during a Limerick OpenCoffee meeting nearly two years ago. Since that time, I've concluded that the creative economy has started to replace the knowledge economy because business leaders increasingly rely upon innovation rather than productivity as the key to expansion. In the case of my timetabled hours with students, I will gladly count as "complete" a project specification that emerges 20 minutes into a two-hour tutorial since that deliverable marks a defined milestone. There's no need to sit around for another hour and a half playing with a deliverable that's ready for working.

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