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BusinessWeek Logo Marty Anderson, a business lecturer at Babson College, devoted the first part of his career to corporate turnarounds and supply chain management. In the course of his worldwide travels, he's begun documenting what he calls "innovation at the edge of electricity." He spoke recently to Smart Answers columnist Karen E. Klein about the use of technology by entrepreneurs in some of the world's poorest places. Edited excerpts of their interview follow.

Karen E. Klein: How did you begin studying entrepreneurship on the fringes of the developed world?

Marty Anderson: I've been living at the edge of the First and Third Worlds for most of my life, in the course of my previous work. And I noticed the Anglo view of the Third World was completely erroneous. If you wanted to do the most advanced Toyota (TM) techniques, for example, it was much easier to roll out in places such as Brazil, where they don't already have resources and technologies and think they know it all.

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Author: Karen E. Klein