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Social Media Universe 2022 1200pxFor a time, life in the social media universe was mostly uneventful. Consider these spicy (at the time) headlines:

  • Even President Obama Thinks That Facebook Isn’t Cool Anymore (Techcrunch, 2014)
  • Jack Dorsey Returns to Twitter as Chief, to Shrugs and Quips (New York Times, 2015)
  • Instagram’s new stories are a near-perfect copy of Snapchat (Mashable, 2016)

In hindsight, the years leading up to 2016 were downright sleepy in comparison with what would follow. Donald Trump’s meteoric, tweet-powered rise to the presidency. The Cambridge Analytica scandal. Congressional hearings on privacy and bias. TikTok at the center of souring U.S.–China relations. Each new day brought a fresh wave of controversy the shores of once infallible social media platforms.