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MADISON – The annual Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest has always been a canary in a high-tech coal mine, chirping out alerts about the kinds of businesses emerging in the state’s economic sectors.

This year’s contest, in which the pool of entries has been trimmed to under 50 contestants, is no exception to the rule. The list of semi-finalists reflects efforts to solve market and social problems, big and small, while also signaling the increasing diversity of Wisconsin’s economy.

The survivors are a microcosm of Wisconsin innovation, with finalists pushing the envelope in traditional sectors – manufacturing and agriculture – as well as information technology, health care, transportation, public safety and more. Here are some examples:


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Smart people only visit and buy from credible and memorable websites. In the past, if your startup had a website presence, the company was credible by definition. In today’s world, a website is necessary but not sufficient for credibility. Dreamers and gamblers have found out that if the website isn’t validated as credible, it’s probably a scam, and everyone loses.


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There seems to be a lot of confusion online about the differences between a freelancer, a business owner and an entrepreneur. I admit that when I first started my online business I was really confused too, especially because everyone seems to use the terms interchangeably.

The longer I run my own business and the more it evolves to new stages, the more I’m starting to see the differences between the three. In fact, in my own trajectory, I’d say I started as a freelancer and have since begun evolving into a business owner. Entrepreneur is next on my radar.


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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partners Jason Balin and Chris Haddon break down the five steps you need to take to start a company, from researching and constructing a business model to confirming a launch date. Just make sure you've done you're homework before you reach that final step.

To learn more, click play. 


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Entrepreneurship seems to be on the rise. The rate of new entrepreneurs has increased by more than 15 percent in the last two years, and the proportion of new entrepreneurs driven primarily by opportunity (rather than need) reached 84 percent in 2015. But if this last election has taught us anything, it’s that the opportunity and promise of the American dream isn’t reaching everyone. Large numbers of Americans, including rural populations, those with limited education opportunities and minorities, are simply being skipped over.


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Fragile 3d Robot Droid Grey Sitting Wallpaper

One of the biggest sources of anxiety for workers and job seekers–at least according to the latest reports–is that they’ll be rendered obsolete when their daily responsibilities are automated. Between algorithms, artificial intelligence, and actual robots, we can glimpse a future where human work will at least be transformed.

But a new study from Redwood Software and the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) offers a bit of an antidote.


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Elizabeth Doty is a former lab fellow of Harvard University’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics and founder of Leadership Momentum, a consultancy that focuses on the practical challenges of keeping organizational commitments.

Some years ago, I met an ERP implementation team that was able to deliver tangible business results in just six months, where eight other teams at the same company had stalled. The successful team’s secret? Early on, its members had given up on planning, and instead focused their time on putting live customer orders through a prototype of the software. Week after week, they met with the pilot customer team, listened to their feedback, and iterated on the design. “One day, we realized we had gone live,” said one ERP team member. “The actual cutover was a nonevent, because things were going so well.”

Image: Elizabeth Doty is a former lab fellow of Harvard University’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics and founder of Leadership Momentum, a consultancy that focuses on the practical challenges of keeping organizational commitments. -

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If 2016 was the year of cyber attacks, 2017 is the year of prevention. Twelve months ago, experts were predicting an increase in the innovation and sophistication of cyber attacks and a greater breakdown in security measures on a global scale. With the Internet of Things (IoT) making the world more connected than ever and companies continuing to back-burner security issues, forecasters pointed to a perfect storm. Organizations and individuals would be more vulnerable than ever. They were right.


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Ikid looking out window of a plane. own a huge library of books on innovation. Mostly hardcover. The $27.95 variety with big indexes and forwards by people who make more money than I do.

Some of these books are actually good. Most of them bore me. (I must confess I have a secret desire, whenever I enter a bookstore, to put glue between pages 187 & 188 in all of the new releases just to see if the publishers get any complaints).


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When Americans think about U.S. leadership in the world, they often think of military power, famous presidents, or economic achievement. But they might be less likely to name an area in which the United States has led the world for decades: science. From lifesaving vaccines for devastating diseases like smallpox and polio, to novel materials like semiconductors and superconductors, to robotic rovers that can explore Mars, science has made possible discoveries that revolutionized the world, and much of it started right here in the United States.


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RComcast Logoecently Comcast announced the launch of LIFT labs for Entrepreneurs – a start-up accelerator for media, entertainment and connectivity start-ups. The first lab under this program will open in Philadelphia and the company is looking to expand the program to Atlanta next year. The media industry is in a transformative phase, as streaming media and live videos on social media take center stage, threatening the traditional cable TV industry.


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