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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.

Who Will Match Ontario’s $250M Emerging Technologies Matching Fund?

It’s official, the Ontario’s Emerging Technologies Fund (ETF) is now open for business. This $250-million fund will co-invest into companies in high-growth sectors such as clean technology, life sciences and advanced health technology and digital media and information and communications technology. Co-investments are made along with qualified venture capital funds and other private investors. For more information see

Congress Debate Over Small-Business Funding Drags On Wall Street Journal

President Obama has signed another temporary extension for the federal funding program that provides $2 billion annually to innovative small businesses. smallbusiness_E_20090731181438.jpg

The House and Senate earlier this summer passed bills reauthorizing the Small Business Innovation Research program, which was set to expire on Friday. But the two bills differ on key issues, in particular the amount of access that venture-backed companies would have to the SBIR funds.

Venture-Backed IPOs Still On Hold, But There’s Promise by The Wall Street Journal

In a six-week period between May 20 and July 1, four venture capital-backed companies managed to price their initial public offerings, quite a feat considering none had done so in the previous nine months. All four priced at or above the high end of expectations and now trade higher than their pricings.

Sensing the urgency to catch the market while it’s hot (relatively speaking), some venture capital firms have scrambled to get some of their best candidates in shape to file for an IPO, several investment bankers say.

Want to Innovate but Avoid Risk? Offer a Prize. Washington Post

That is one of the lessons of the Great Recession, in which excessive risk-taking -- or the ever popular "reckless risk-taking" -- is invariably invoked as a prime cause of our financial woes.

But capitalism needs innovation, and innovation requires risk. So how can you innovate while getting someone else to shoulder the risk? Simple: Offer a prize.

Group Profile: Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Fund I, LP (MAG) Note: Bendis and Innovation Philadelphia co-founded MAG
With more than one hundred members, the Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Fund ( is one of the largest organized groups of angel investors on the east coast. The group has invested in a motorcycle business that failed and in a drug company that was recently acquired by Novartis for up to $400 million.

Steel Industry Innovation Council announced | News By FEN

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr announced the establishment of the Steel Industry Innovation Council, which is designed to help ensure the industry has access to billions of dollars of public- and private-sector projects.

The council will offer advice to government and will build on the initiatives announced this week that give Australian business fairer access to opportunities arising from the substantial Government investments in transport, energy, communications, housing, education, and research infrastructure.